A new movie coming from Tom Rothman and Edgar Wright is going to star Ansel Elgort as a getaway driver who uses music to stay on top of his game. The getaway game is going to get much better because he is the best driver in the city. The crimes that he helps commit have not gotten him into trouble yet, but he is going to be pulled into a caper that is going to put him in danger.

This is a new story from Edgar Wright, and he is going to work with Sony Pictures and TriStar Productions. There are many films floating around Hollywood, but this is the first film that Rothman is going to make with his new venture at Sony. TriStar Productions was founded to make TV and movies. However, this is the first film that is coming from this new studio.

The movie could make TriStar into a company that will be able to produce major motion pictures for many years to come. Rothman made a great deal of money for Fox Films, and now he will be able to make Ansel Elgort into an action star who can come over from a place like to The Fault In Our Stars to a place where he is shot at and involved in car chases.

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