Having been founded in the year 2007 and later undergone reorganization seven years later, the Newark Economic Development Corporation has placed itself as the leading economic and policy maker in the city of Newark. While the focused has been placed at ensuring that the businesses, whether small or large; are sustainable in the long run, the corporation has done a great deal in attracting foreign investment for development purposes. This has been done in all of the twenty diverse cities of the region and has been done with a close relationship with other stakeholders. The most fundamental objective of the corporation has always been the idea of creating jobs and other opportunities that would ensure that the quality of life of the residents is of the highest possible quality and standard.

Kevin Seawright and Distinguished Professionalism

One of the most notable individuals that have spearheaded this development has been Kevin Seawright. He has brought in new ideas that are global in quality but applicable locally. Through his leadership style, he has merged his expertise in financial as well as administrative operations in making the corporation one of the most effective in the country. Further to this, James has accumulated over thirteen years of experience and this has been extremely invaluable to the corporation. He has led the formulation of policies that have ensured that the operation of the corporation are world class and achieve their set goals and objectives.

Perhaps the most distinguished features of his leadership and professionalism is best illustrated in his relations with the employees. He has always believed that in order to achieve the set goals and objectives, then it is essential and highly important to include the efforts of others. Through this, the Newark Economic Development Corporation has over the years involved the opinions of all the stakeholders in ensuring that the aims are aligned to the needs of the community.

The corporation has continuously worked closely with other organizations such as the Newark Department of Economic and Housing in order to achieve their objectives. The citizens of the city in New Jersey has definitely benefited and will continue to do so based on the objective of the corporation that has always been to create wealth in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the residents. This has led to the corporation being an envy of other states across the country in addition to other corporations in the world.

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