When Chris Pratt first broke onto the scene no one would have thought of him as a household name, but now he is the leading man in a handful of films and there is no sign that he will be slowing down any time soon. He already has roles planned in Jurassic World and likely will have his choice of many other starring roles such as Guardians of the Galaxy 2. However, for the moment it seems that Pratt is going to turn back to the comic book world to help launch a new franchise.

Pratt has announced that he will be the lead role in Cowboy Ninja Viking which will hopefully allow the cult comic book series to enjoy a sudden rash of popularity. The comic is the work of artist and writer team Riley Rossmo and A.J. Lieberman and features a deadly assassin who just happens to have Multiple Personality Disorder. Fans of the comic like New Yorker Andrew Heiberger are excited to see the theatrical interpretation.

Disney originally had been rumored to pick up the movie option but Universal has since bought the project. Not much was heard about it until now sources are conforming that Pratt will indeed play the assassin.

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