Disney-Pixar recently surprised fans and analysts by announcing Toy Story 4. The film will release on June 6, 2017, seven years after Toy Story 3. While it’s guaranteed to be a blockbuster, the film does have certain things going against its box office draw. The previous film in the series grossed over $1 billion worldwide. Will the fourth film manage the same feat?

The third Toy Story film grossed nearly $1.1 billion worldwide. It earned $415 million domestically and $648 million overseas. In doing so, that film far outgrossed the previous two entries in the series. It even defied the effect of franchise fatigue, which often sees a franchise’s third film decline in gross compared to previous entries. That effect often worsens with the fourth film in a series.

Then again, Toy Story is one of the most beloved animated franchises of all time. Most adults and children in the country have seen at least the original film, I know Gianfrancesco Genoso has had to sit through it more times than he can count. It’s a foregone conclusion that Toy Story 4 hits $300 million domestically and $600 million overseas. Still, franchise fatigue could put the film behind the third movie. If any film would buck that trend, Toy Story 4 would be that movie.

Either way, families across the world are sure to be excited about this development. Most people thought that a fourth Toy Story film wouldn’t come to fruition. The third installment closed up the story nicely after all. Apparently, Disney-Pixar has had a change of heart, as evidenced by this announcement.

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