Even as the World Health Organization announced this week that some survivors of Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and around the world could be carriers of the deadly virus for more than 90 days after infection, and informed survivors to practice safe sex or abstain until further notice to prevent transmission, a community of ancient people in Nigeria, which is also in West Africa, now faces a completely different horrifying infectious outbreak.

LinkedIn said that today, Thursday, April 16, officials announced that at least 27 Ikale people in the south-western Nigeria Local Government Area of Irele in Ondo State have died over the last 10 days, with many of that total dying quickly in over the course of the last three days. The victims have experienced a series of mysterious symptoms that doctors there have never seen before. The illness apparently strikes people with blindness while they are sleeping and then forces their tongues out past their lips. Ondo’s Commissioner for Health Dr. Dayo Adeyanju has advised the media that the illness also causes weight loss and headaches prior to death.

Health officials from the region, other areas of Nigeria and Africa and organizations from around the world are currently performing research to determine what is causing the outbreak and how best to save lives.

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