Choosing to follow your dreams and pursue a career within the entertainment industry is a decision fraught with possibilities for missteps and even failures. Though with the right start and agency standing beside any prospective actor or model, aiding in the navigation of the new terrain that is their career, the path towards success can much more easily traverse.

Though what do you do if you have been turned away by a talent agency for whatever reason?

Without the valuable connections, insight, and opportunities that come along with aligning yourself with a quality agency the road to success within the entertainment industry quickly turns that easily navigable path into one of uncertainty.

Nine9 The UnAgency, An Agency Created for the Majority

Anthony Toma’s revolutionary vision for what a talent agency should be has become a reality within the upstart “UnAgency” Nine9. Nine9 Talent Agency built itself upon the mission statement that every person has the possibility to find success within the entertainment industry, given they are equipped with the right tools from the beginning of their career. Nine9 at LinkedIn .

Nine9 finds an opportunity to build and grow where other agencies may have been unwilling to spend the time to develop a person’s particular talent. Cick Here for Nine9 Reviews .

Anthony Toma Offers Inside Look Into His Life and the Inner Workings of Nine9 The UnAgency

The “UnAgency” that has been generating a fair amount of buzz within the entertainment industry was created by Anthony Toma, founder and current CEO of the successful agency. Though busy operating his quickly growing agency, Anthony Toma found a moment to offer readers of the online publication, IdeaMensch, a rare glimpse into his daily life and some of the cornerstones of his unique agency’s success.


The entire piece, which is available at, is certainly worth the read.

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