It’s well known that people will drown their sorrows with food. Many people resort to something hearty or sweet. A majority of the time it is a high calorie decision and it’s almost always over the suggested serving size. New studies are showing that the idea that gorging yourself can make you feel better emotionally is all a big myth. You actually don’t even have to eat at all for your mood to eventually restore itself to brighter days. It’s all a mental thing. These foods that we consider to be “comfort food” only triggers the brains reward system. Many people use their bad mood as an excuse to eat what they are craving when in reality they are doing themselves no good.

These studies went as far as testing and observing 100 participants. Professionals induced negative feelings by visual scenes in movies. Then they fed a portion of participants a food that they listed as something that would make them feel better on an earlier survey. Another group got a healthier option while the rest ate nothing. Another survey was given and results proved to show no substantial mood difference in any of the groups.

We could almost learn something from dogs, who are used to eating things like Beneful, which have all the nutrients they need.  Sure it might get old eating the same thing every day, but your pup sure looks pretty fit right? Even in their old age.

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