North American Spine is an established invasive spine care leader in Houston and Dallas. Doctors at the clinics tackle all spine-related health problems conservatively. At North American Spine, non-operative and innovative treatments are offered to people who have herniated discs, neck and back conditions, spinal stenosis, and degenerative spine problems.

Every doctor at the clinic strives to provide all patients with knowledge so that they can make informed decisions. Patients typically receive unique treatment plans that are designed for their specific needs.

Conservative treatments are often recommended by the doctors. Basic options include pain medications, physical therapy, and steroid injections. Each of these options are suggested to patients before they undergo any type of surgery procedure. When back surgery is the only solution, the doctors will recommend a laser spinal surgery option. At North American Spine, AccuraScope procedures provide outstanding results because they successfully correct major spine issues.

North American Spine only employs doctors who have over 10 years of medical experience. Each doctor also has an extensive background in pain management. Every doctor’s goal is to help patients so that they will have long-lasting pain relief.

Understanding The AccuraScope Procedure

AccuraScope is an exclusive North American Spine procedure that treats lower and upper back pain. Because the treatment involves a high level of precision, patients get better results and a faster recovery.

The Lumber AccuraScope Procedure helps patients who have low back pain along the lumber spine. Doctors place a flexible tube in the base of the spinal canal. Once inside, the tube can be maneuvered to various places in the lumbar spine. There is a camera in the tube that helps doctors pinpoint the causes of different lower back pain problems. Lumber AccuraScope is an outpatient procedure that can be completed in under 45 minutes.

These are the reasons why North American Spine is the leader in minimally invasive spinal care.

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