Obsidian Energy is a mid-sized Canadian oil and natural gas company founded in 1979 that is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Obsidian Energy from 2005-2011 was the 60th largest company on the Toronto Canada Stock Exchange.



Obsidian Energy


President and CEO

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Energy are David L. French since 2016. David brings years of past leadership experience and knowledge to Obsidian Energy.


David French Education


Harvard Business School

Degree: Master of Business Administration



Rice University

Degree: Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering




Obsidian Energy


Obsidian Energy was formerly named Penn West Petroleum Ltd until June of 2017. The company name change was voted in by shareholders of the company. David French President and Chief Executive Officer redefined the operations of Obsidian  along with the company name change paved the path for Obsidian Energy to prosper as a solid stronger oil and natural gas provider. Obsidian Energy mid-size company employs an estimate of 250-300 full-time employees.


Obsidian Energy petroleum production comes from three main areas in Alberta, Canada.

  1. Pembina Cardium
  2. Peace River Oil Sands
  3. Alberta Viking

Obsidian Energy oil fields are located along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin an area which is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves.


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Obsidian Energy


NYSE: Price of Common Shares

Obsidian Energy as Penn West Petroleum faced a few Investor common share issues within the company. Obsidian Energy as of March 12th, 2018 has received notice that the company is no longer in compliance with the New York Stock Exchange due to common share amount being less than one dollar. The decrease in common stock shares does not affect the business production of Obsidian Energy.


Obsidian Energy intends to satisfy the compliance issue within 10 business days of receipt of the notice, therefore, increasing the price deficiency and returning to required compliance with the New York Stock Exchange.



Obsidian Energy Future

David French President and CEO are planning on a successful company production and investment opportunity future for Obsidian Energy thus removing issues that occurred in the past have been a challenge for David, but Mr. French states is a start of a new chapter for Obsidian Energy.



More: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/energy-and-resources/penn-west-shareholders-approve-name-change-to-obsidian-energy/article35463586/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com&reqid=%257B%257Brequest_id%257D%257D

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