In this research article we see the effects of government testing on mice, specifically on the effects of ischemia. Hyperoxemia happens when the nervous system is susceptible to hypoperfusion. Stress is high when the primary cellular activation is damaged by ischemic hypoxia. This is countered by a strong intake of PHDs which reverses the role of negative stressors in cells promoting adaptation to cerebral ischemia.

PHD inhibitors, researchers noted, made a strong impact on the limiting of growth in cases of hypoxia/ischemia. Research has been tested on rats, small rodents, and other test subjects. This finding has been used to severely inhibit the negative growth of ischemic strokes. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

Researchers have made significant progress in the field of eliminating breast cancer development by understanding the significance of aggressive breast cancer cells. The high level of ERβ in a patient points to positive signs in the ability to overcome and defeat breast cancer.


Aggressive breast cancer cells can be fought with the right care and medical attention, assuming the genetic, biological, and hormonal structure of the patient is equipped with ERβ.

Patients with a high TNBC rate are more susceptible to a high breast cancer rate according to research. Triple negative breast is found in 15 percent of breast cancer patients and are more immune to treatment because of their ability to spread to other areas of the body. Researchers are continuing to look into this field.

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Oncotarget is one of the world’s leading oncology based peer reviewed journals. It covers a wide field of subjects in the medical field and continues to be a major source of information on serious medical issues. Check Oncotarget journal at

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