The Netflix series Orange is the New Black is now considered to be a Drama rather than a Comedy. That’s a change from how the show was categorized just last year. Then, one of the show’s stars, Uzo Abuda, took home an Emmy for her portrayal of Crazy Eyes in the program. Now, the show will no longer qualify for comedy-focused Emmys’ and will instead compete against Dramas for those awards.

Recently, the Television Academy approached the idea of changing the definition of a television comedy. The original idea was to cap series at 30-minutes in order to qualify, however, several hour-long programs are still competing in the category this year, including Glee and Shameless. Will the change effect whether or not the show takes home any awards this year? That’s not quite certain.

The Emmys are scheduled to take place on September 20th this year, where all secrets will be revealed as stated on Twitter. Orange is the New Black is set to launch its third season before then. The popular Netflix show releases the entire season in one fatal swoop rather than broadcasting individual episodes each week.

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