Lip balm is great in many situations. If you have OCD or Obssessive Compulsive Disorder, like me, I cannot stand when my lips are dry or cracked looking. It comes in handy when your at the beach waiting for your spouse to snap that gleaming picture of you, and you need something to make your lips pop while looking flavorful. Or when your taking that walk in the park and know everyone will be staring in your face. You always want to be prepared. So, what happens when your lip balm fails you?

There is a product out called Evolution of Smooth “EOS” Lip Balm, you may more info thru watching This company and it’s extensive product line is committed to releasing their Carbon Footprint to become more ECO-friendly. In doing so, they have found that the lip balm we use for our lips is really damaging. Think about the health risks this could have to our kids, for a product that’s absorbed into the bloodstream. With EOS Lip Balm that is a thing of the past! I use this lip balm myself. I wake everyday and realize how much smoother my lips are than the day before. They look livelier and more vibrant. With its all natural ingredients including, Shea Butter and Vitamin E inside penetrating my lips, I now knew they were well cared for. Other products use petroleum and paraben which are both harmful if ingested in the human body. EOS is paraben and petroleum free! Read more here on

What is my favorite flavor you ask? Strawberry Sorbet and Summer Fruit. They are tied. I love Strawberry Sorbet because I love strawberries. And with loving strawberries, well you know it could get a little outrageous, but this EOS is worth every attempt. I know that sounds so goofy, but what would you do? My second favorite is Summer Fruit especially during the summer. It brings out more of a summer feel than Strawberry. Strawberry I use during Spring or Fall.

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Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most lucrative entrepreneurs and tech founders in Chicago. He is the co-founder of many successful ventures such as Lightbank, Uptake, EchoLogistics, Mediaocean, and InnerWorkings. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of Groupon.

In 2006, he and wife Liz created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This private charity exists to serve communities by funding highly effective initiatives. Lefkofsky is also a trustee on the board of Lurie Children’ hospital, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Additionally, he works as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago.

After so many successes, Lefkofsky thought he was done with startup companies, but his mind was changed when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He noticed that data regarding cancer and the best courses of treatment were not very accessible to doctors. He was frustrated by the lack of information available to readily help doctors make decisions regarding treatment.

Looking for a way to solve this problem, he and his business partner Brad Keywell co-founded Tempus. Tempus’ approach to cancer treatment uses genome sequencing and machine learning to gather necessary information from the patient’s tumor, and then it creates an appropriate treatment plan to fight it and learn more about Eric.

The program is data-driven that basically takes molecular and clinical information from the patient and stores the data in a library. Partnerships between Tempus and these health care institutions have already been established: University of Michigan, University of Chicago, Mayo Clinic, and Northwestern University. Doctors from these cancer programs have already loaded patients’ information into the Tempus program. Physicians then can access this database to find patients with similar profiles as their patients and find the treatments that have been most effective. Although there are several physicians on the executive team of Tempus, it is a tech company.

Lefkofsky feels this is the most ambitious startup of his career. The whole idea of data-driven diagnoses and treatment planning is a paradigm shift when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of cancer and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Right from the middle of his living room, Greg Secker set out to change the world through foreign exchange education. In a recent interview, Greg gave his followers tips on how to be relevant in the present times. With an ‘I am not a why guy’ Philosophy, Greg Secker has always advocated for saying yes to challenges and tasks presented to you then moving to inspect and execute along the way.

To date, Greg Secker has been able to share his knowledge and passion in forex trading over 6000 times in local and international stages. This passion bore fruit to the Greg Secker Foundation which was initially established to for the purpose of youth empowerment. Greg believes in providing youth with the necessary information and knowledge that will enable them to carve the path for their future while they are still young.

Presently, the foundation is concentrating on assisting the victims of the Philippines ‘Typhoon Haiyan’ to rebuild their homes and start afresh. Through this venture, the Greg Secker Foundation seeks to educate, empower and give these people new skills that will help them sustain themselves in the time to come. Greg anticipates that this new project will lay the foundation for a viable model that will go through myriads of generations.

Greg Secker is also determined to advocate for the integration of philanthropy to thriving businesses and entrepreneurs day to day operations. As a recently named participant of the Board of Ambassadors, he has gained leverage to keep the city in light of upcoming causes that need attention.

A Glance at Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a prolific philanthropist, speaker and astute entrepreneur who is based in the UK. Through the years, Greg has been able to garner recognition owing to his successful practices particularly in his philanthropic and entrepreneurial ventures. He is a globally acclaimed foreign exchange expert who has been able to go above the fray by executing trading strategies that actually work. Greg Secker is the incumbent owner of Learn to trade, Smart Charts Software, and Capital Index.

He set off his career once he graduated from the University of Nottingham where he was pursuing a degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. Greg is also an ardent and highly revered writer with publications like Trading Your Way To Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex under his name.

In 2015, Brazil is 5th in the world’s ranking of female homicides. According to a study, 16 women are found murdered in Brazil every day. Disgusted by that ranking, many Brazilians set to change their social views on female violence.

Brazil’s top advertisement agency, Mullen Lowe, officially joined the fight against female violence. On March 8, International Women’s Day, Mullen Lowe created a pro-Women’s ad for CLAUDIA Magazine. The ad focused on the statistic that a woman is assaulted in Brazil every 15 seconds. The 15-second ad encourages viewers to take action to stop female violence.

The ad ran as a “Skip Ad” on YouTube. The ad also calls for all viewers to join the cause to denounce female violence. Since March 8, CLAUDIA Magazine and Mullen Lowe have publicized the announcement. The ad also focused on informing women of violence toward their gender.

This is not the first time Mullen Lowe shocked the world with a positive ad. Thanks to Jose HenriqueBorghi, co-CEO and CCO, Mullen Lowe has 14 gold lions from the Cannes Film Festival. The company’s also recognized for several other successful, memorable pieces.

Borghi is what makes Mullen Lowe world-renowned. His love for visual creation began when he was a junior in high school. His sister thought he’d like to join her at the Castro Neves Theater. They saw a number of commercials that won Cannes Film Festival awards the previous year. From then on, Borghi was hooked.

His first company, BorghiErh, was co-founded with a friend, Erh Ray. After some success, Lowe purchased the company; renaming it Borghi Lowe. Again, Borghi led his company to success; drawing the attention of larger firms, like Lowe & Mullen. Eventually, Mullen Lowe Brasil formed.


The great deal between Live Nation and Jay-Z that was signed in 2008 for $150 million is coming to an end, and Jay-Z sounds the music industry bigwigs to buy a stake in his recording music label business. It is because Live Nation has discontinued its business of buying an interest in the recording music. However, Live Nation is expected to continue being associated with the Jay-Z touring deals, which Live Nation feels is profitable for its business. Head over to for additional article.

Recently, Jay-Z and Desiree Perez, top Roc Nation Executive, met with the Universal Music CEO and Chairman, Sir Lucian Grainge, and it is now speculated that Universal Music Group might be buying a substantial stake in Roc Nation. Roc Nation manages artists such as Rihanna, Meek Mill, Shakira, and Fat Joe. Collaboration with the Universal Music Group would put Roc Nation in a right place as it would help the company get access to the resources of UMG, which would also benefit the business as well as the artists it manages.  Related article on

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Desiree Perez has been associated with the Roc Nation for many years and knows Jay-Z as a friend for close to two decades. They are known to go along well, and their business collaboration has helped Roc Nation and Jay-Z’s other business ventures significantly. Desiree Perez is known to help crack the great Samsung deal for Rihanna. As a firm and no-nonsense negotiator, Desiree Perez has a very sharp eye for details and understands the music and showbiz business well. Her resources in the industry have helped Jay-Z gain prominence in many of his business ventures and have put Roc Nation as one of the leading artist management and recording music label in the industry. She continues to provide strategic inputs and guidance to ensure Roc Nation and its subsidiaries continue to do dominating business in the industry.for Dez recent timeline activities, hit

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The Brazilian government has laid out some significant plans to improve the basic sanitation services in the country. Per a question raised by Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure specialist in the country, Edison Carlos, Trata Brasil president, confirmed that the government would provide concessions through BNDES. According to Carlos, the move would make significant improvements in structural, administration, and resource areas of sanitation services. It is revealed that more than 70% of basic sanitation is performed by state organizations, and almost 90% of sanitation services use public power. The latest initiative is to make more participation from the private sector as the government believes that both private and public players can work together and complement each other.



Additionally, BNDES is planning for customized action plans depending on the locations and states it is working with to adapt the local requirements. The significant loss of water in sanitation services is considered to be the biggest drawback of public players and causing a major flow of financial resources, reports Jens. Edison confirms that private players have better resources and advanced technology to prevent water loss. He believes that it is crucial while coming to water management in the country. Edison also raised voice for setting clear goals in the contracts and regular inspections to ensure the services are performed as stated.



Felipe Montoro Jens has decades of experience in working with various infrastructure companies and agencies in Brazil. He is on the board of directors of many infrastructure firms and agencies including Foz do Brasil SA, Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes SA, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, San Antonio Energia SA, and more.



Jens worked with a number of firms including Terna S.p.A, Enron, and PricewaterhouseCoopers on various divisions from project development to auditing and consulting. He secured his graduation in business administration from Fundao Getlio Vargas and completed his master’s from Thunderbird, U.S., in international management.



Working on a fugitive task force, I can not tell you how many inmates that have been released wind up right back inside the prison because they really only know one way of life. This was the case with a violent offender who went right back to home invasions days after his release, but this time he was ramping up his game and beating innocent civilians within an inch of their lives. It was urgent we got him back in jail for good before his next victim wasn’t so lucky.


Unable to predict his next move, and having trouble keeping him under surveillance because of this support network and safe houses, we had to find another way to put an end to this reign of terror. I decided to take a drive to our local prison to try and finally put a close to this situation once and for all. No one in his support network would give up any clues to his location, so we had to pull it out of inmates literally.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the phone call monitoring system in the prison. The CEO of the company, Richard Smith, says he and his 1,000 employees are all dedicated to making the world safe, and I was going to prove it. I knew that the fugitive had family as well as enemies in that prison, and listening to them on the phone was going to unlock the door to his ultimate arrest.


It wasn’t long after I got the hag of the LBS software that we detected chatter from an inmate talking to his brother and calming him down about something. The brother was nervous about being an accessory to a crime, harboring a fugitive. Hours later we slipped into position undetected and used that information to catch the fugitive completely off guard.


Women are impressed with Lime Crime. This is one of the hottest brands around when it comes to colorful cosmetics. I like the brand because it is unlike anything else that is part of the makeup collection that I have. I believe that everyone should at least consider adding a few colors from this Doe Deere collection.


I will admit that it is a little bit over top for my workplace, but I definitely use it when I am going out on the town. In fact, Lime Crime is the only thing that I want to use when I’m going out to a party or a bar.


I think that this is definitely one of the best cosmetic brands for anyone that is trying to add a little pizzazz to their style. I have seen Doe Deere in a lot of pictures and videos, and she is definitely rocking her brand in a very intriguing way.


She is actually the one that makes people want to try the Lime Crime brand out for themselves. Now that she has the hair dye in place it fits perfectly with the videos where she is trying to market her cosmetics. She has always been someone that dyed her hair, and I have always wondered what she was doing to get such bright colors that were in sync with the makeup that she had on. I don’t have to wonder anymore because now she provides an opportunity for her customers to get some of the hair dye colors that are similar to the makeup that she has been selling.


This is a great idea because I believe that a lot of people have admired her look. I have wanted to imitate what she has been doing for a long time, and I definitely believe that this is going to be one of the best ways to get the look that she has. Everyone is talking about this semi-permanent hair dye, and I believe that this will be another one of the top items from the cosmetics collection that she has graced her fans with.

According to a blog post published through Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar Boraie Team has made the Aspire a perfect place to live. Boraie development is a real estate development company headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company’s newest project has been reported to be the great apartments at the Aspire. The Aspire featured a 17-story building which is a luxurious apartment constructed in a very convenient location where one can easily access the train transportation to Philadelphia and Manhattan. Aspire is considered to be the most appealing apartments in New Brunswick because they include 238 studio apartments, one-bedroom, and two bedroom units all with incredibly spacious layouts.

Accommodation to live in any of the three options is delivered in the form of partnership featuring modern designs and full-service facilities in the building. Those who choose to live in these apartments enjoy comfy appointments and a lavish lifestyle just the way they expected it to be. The Vice President of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie says that Aspire will make him and the company popular because the residents have different tastes yet they are all considered through Aspire. The building has a full-time doorman, continuous maintenance and management and adequate elevator services. The company has worked hard to ensure that there is a large selection of floor plans, oversized windows, about 9 to 10-foot ceilings, lots of natural lighting, hardwood floors and wall-to-wall carpeting in bedrooms. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

In an article on Rutgers, other features of the apartments include the large gourmet kitchens, custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops. Bathrooms also have beautifully designed and decorated floor plans featuring porcelain floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles and large and stylish showers and tubs. All the units in Aspire have internet, cable and efficient heating systems. The apartments also have great public facilities such as a catering kitchen, luxury lounge area, flat screen TVs, a pool table, roof decks with excellent views, intimate, relaxing areas and outdoor electric barbecues for group entertainment. Residents also enjoy the facilities of a 24-hour inbuilt fitness center. Aspire provides a home for every person who needs one.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a real estate development that specializes in offering services in areas related to urban real estate market. Some of these services include property management, real estate development and sales and marketing. The company is renowned for completion of incredible properties in New Brunswick since it was established. They strengthen their services by partnering with reputable architects, contractors, and financial institutions to ensure that they meet all project deadlines and provide incomparable services to their clients.

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Richard Mishaan Design is an interior design company owned by Richard Mishaan. Richard Mishaan is an interior designer who is experienced in fashion, architecture, and design. Richard was born in the country of Colombia but relocated to New York City. Here, he had attended New York University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Richard also attended the Columbia University of Architecture.

What sets Richard Mishaan Design apart from most interior design companies is Richard’s personal preference. Richard states that the best interiors are ones that are layered and rich. When designing, he focuses on creating a connection between the pieces used. This connection must come from their tone, texture, or excitement that is brought to the client he is working with.

My favorite project Richard Mishaan Design has worked on is the Upper Westside Townhouse. With this Townhouse, I enjoy the textures used. The texture gives the space a very sleek and modern look. The feeling that is given with this design is one you would think to find in New York City. Despite being sleek due to the texture, this space also offers a warm feeling. This is due to colors such as creme and brown being used with the furniture. Due to these features, I would find myself living in a space like this.

With the experience in his own company, “Richard Mishaan Desigin,” Richard has been able to publish two books on the topic of interior design. The first book of his was published in 2009 and is titled “Modern Luxury.” In the book, Richard details his creative process and discloses his own tips on interior design. In 2014, his second book was published titled “Artfully Modern”. This book showcases Richard’s best work starting from 2009. These two books display the professional that Richard Mishaan is.

Richard Mishaan Design: Your Next Piece Awaits at Luxe Home Philadelphia