Did you see that? Yep, bright hair, radient smile and makeup that is so colorful and bold that you can’t help but take a second look. That’s Lime Crime in a few words. Let’s face it, people are tired of living lives that are full of depressing shades and they want to use makeup as an extention of their freedom and personal expression. That’s why Doe Deere and her company are offering unicorn hair colors that many people can not take their eyes off of and there is nothign wrond with that. You might be wondering just what the colors are.

To be honest there are so many it would be too hard to go into detail about each one of them but here are a few that are sure to please. You have full colors like juicy, lipstick, blue smoke, sea witch and many others. One thing people love is not just the colors but the fact that the company creativeness shows even in their product names. You can also get hair tints that are pastels and lighter shades that leva a light color on the hair.

All of these hair dyes can be used with the cosmetic line of makeup to make a more beautiful you. For example the Venus XL Palette is a perfect extension of the palette that started it all. It is bright, colorful and bold. Lime Crime makeup fans have been waiting for this palette for awhile. It features 18 shades that last forever with 4 finishes and there is even an swipe that can be used on eyes, facial areas and cheeks. This is made so that the colors will last longer and fall off and disappear like so many of the other makeup products we see from other cosmetic companies. This is because of the way Lime Crime created the product and the ingredients that they used. It is important to keep in mind that all of their products are vegan friendly too. This also means there is no animal testing of any kind. This is a win for anyone leading a vegan lifestyle.

Doctor Jennifer Walden was born in a place called Austin located in Texas. She was brought up in a family that had a medical history meaning that this was one of the reasons she developed interests in medical science. Her father was a dentist, and her mother was a surgical nurse. She first went for an undergraduate degree in biology in the University of Texas, but her high passion for science created more urge to go for further education. As a result, Doctor Jennifer Walden went a step further and studied for her master’s degree in the University of Texas medical branch.

Doctor Jennifer’s expertise in the field of medicine has led to the discovery of various medical treatments and operations. For example, while in Texas, she obtained a fellowship in aesthetic surgery in one of the hospitals in Texas dealing with ear, eye and throat surgeries. During this time she participated in many clinical trials that led to the invention of silicon-based breast implants which are used by some women up to date.

Years later, Doctor Jennifer Walden launched a private plastic surgery hospital in Texas. In this hospital, she used a high level of technology to ensure that her clients receive best services without causing any harm or extreme side effects after the surgery. She used a 3-d machine that used to visualize the patient’s appearance and the structure of the organs before operating. This was mainly for safety purposes to ensure the surgeons perform their work correctly.

As a result, Doctor Jennifer Walden became one the best known plastic surgeons in America. This has made her an aesthetic surgery consultant for other cosmetic companies such as The Ideal Implant and many more. She is always ready and dedicated to sharing her knowledge and skills with other people with the same interest to improve the aesthetic surgery as a sector in the field of medicine.

In the current global economy, corporations of different sizes have decided to establish operations in alien markets. This type of global expansion has often provided several advantages to both the company and the foreign country including better opportunities for market expansion and growth. Reports indicate that this trend in America’s global market is likely to continue and there is no better company to deduce this trend than OSI Group. That is why in 2016, the company decided to acquire Baho Food, a Dutch based meat processing plant that has for decades served different markets in different continents.

Background Data

Baho Food is well known for operating manufacturing plants in Germany as well as Netherlands. Most importantly, it has five affiliates that make it easy for the company to provide its services to different companies across different sectors and markets. Some of these affiliates include Vital Convenience and Bakx Foods among others. These affiliates have been serving the industry for about sixty years. With their constant supply of deli meats, snacks and convenience foods, Baho Food and its affiliates have managed to serve 18 countries across Europe. This is a clear indication that OSI Group’s acquisition of it is progress.

Baho Food Acquisition

Adding Baho Food to OSI Group’s portfolio gives the company a broader presence in the European market. This is in light of expanding its horizons and service scope into a new marketing world that shares the same interests. Also critical to note is the fact that OSI Group’s portfolio complements Baho Food’s processing strengths; a strategy that has broadened the company’s ability to serve the transitioning needs of different clients.

Additional Information

Now, the Baho Food acquisition is just one of the many global expansion projects that OSI Group has been part of. In the same year (2016), the company bought a manufacturing facility from Tyson Foods. That acquisition was based on the fact that OSI Group wanted to expand its horizons to Chicago. The project cost $7.4 million and since then, OSI Group has been managing this plant by making sure that it manufactures the right meat products and supplies clients with the right capacity.


Away from the acquisitions is the fact that OSI Group values its employees. That is why once in a while, it provides employment opportunities in the light of giving an opportunity to the qualified. As such, OSI Group has always provided its employees with comfortable working environments.

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Top executive Desiree Perez leads Billboard’s 2017 list as an illustrious leader in the music industry. The Chief Operating Officer resides at Roc Nation, a leader in the entertainment market.

Roc Nation is led by super mogul Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z. Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have been acquainted for years. It is to no surprise that the talented businesswoman established ranks under Roc Nation in 2009. Since Ms. Perez’s tenure, the label has been a trailblazer. Under Desiree Perez’s steering, Roc Nation has collaborated and successfully negotiated with industry giants like Samsung, Sprint, and Puma, to name a few.

Desiree Perez is in charge of marketing and promotion strategies for the label. She manages music tours for the record’s talent. The unapologetic leader was a steward of singer Rihanna’s Anti Tour. She collaborated with Samsung, propelling the artist’s career into next level stardom. Desiree Perez contributed to Queen Bey’s (Beyonce Knowles) Formation Stadium Tour. Furthermore, she spearheaded Jay-Z’s recent popular 4:44 Tour with sponsor Puma.

The savvy COO managed to propel the 4:44 album into platinum status before its release date. The album also was celebrated as a Grammy nominee for best album and for best song categories. Album 4:44 delivered 21% more sales than previous monster album Magna Carter Tour in 2013. Desiree Perez is very deliberate in her approach to sustainable successes for Roc Nation. She has mastered fostering the right connections in and around the industry. She focuses on growth as well as innovation. Music, just like any industry evolves steadily. Desiree Perez takes careful steps and undergoes in-depth research to stay in front of the entertainment industry. She hails at the top in the male-predominant industry of music. Roc Nation has quite an irreplaceable gem amidst their leadership ranks.

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The first place that Lawrence Bender saw was the Bronx in New York City. Being born in such a rich cultural environment must have given him an extra dose of creativity, judging from his future endeavors. As he grew up in New Jersey, his parents, both of them educators, instilled in him a good work ethic and the desire to reach for excellence.

Lawrence’s grandfather was a civil engineer and he knew that he could have a lucrative career following in his granddad’s footsteps. He made the decision to do just that in high school and went on to graduate from the University of Maine with a degree in civil engineering in 1979. The direction of his life soon took a turn toward the entertainment industry, first as a ballet dancer then, after an injury, as an actor.

As time went by, Lawrence Bender became interested in being a producer of television fare as well as feature films. Several of the movies that he produced have been nominated for Academy Awards. Good Will Hunting, Inglourious Basterds, and Pulp Fiction are included in that group. An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary featuring former vice president Al Gore raising awareness about climate change, won the Academy Award for the Best Documentary Feature. My favorite movie produced by Lawrence Bender is Good Will Hunting. I am amazed by the way the therapist, played by Robin Williams, is able to help Matt Damon’s character, the young genius, work through his issues while dealing with the immeasurable pain of his own.

Lawrence Bender is active in political and social matters, fighting for causes that he believes in. One of the ways he helps is by fundraising. Because of his dedication, he has received the Torch of Liberty Award from the ACLU. He is on the board of The Creative Coalition as well as the Advisory Board for the ACLU Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.


You might be asking yourself who Mark mofid is and what he has done in his life. I am about to tell you.

Mark Mofid went to two different schools that were very outstanding. He attended Harvard and John Hopkins. This made him have an outstanding educational life. This along with his opinion on safety when doing Implants have made him of the best Plastic Surgeons out there. Mark has a stellar success rate. This is not only due to the education he has but because he works and strives to make sure that his patients know what he is doing along with the risk factors when he’s doing them.

Mark Mofid works to make the industry better which means having better implants than the older versions. He works to make the implants sit better and look better when they are put into the body rather than having complications further down the line when the patient is older. Mark Mofid also works to make the patients happy but have a safe procedure along with the happiness. Because of his stellar education he has a deep understanding of the body and how the skin along with the muscles work. This also makes his life easier when trying to make the patient happy because everybody is different. Not every single one of the patients is the same and he knows that. This is another reason why patients love him and the way he works.

Mark Mofid has worked very hard for the future industry which has always been changing. He makes sure that the industry has a shot of doing better rather than going back to where they used to be in terms of the implant. Implants are something that many people have done and still do and they need to be safe just like everything else.


One of the most important things to do in this day and age is create and independent economy. People who live their lives dependent on their jobs that they are always on the verge of losing are going to be faced with a lot of stress. However, people who start their own business will have a better time. When people also decide to partner up with other businesses and sell some of the products, they experience some huge advantages that come with this decision. For instance, Market America Unfranchise owners are among the people who have a lot of advantages.

Market America was founded in 1992 and has started really small. Given that they have become a success, they are also an inspiration to people who are also looking for something that is going to help them build their careers. One of the best things about Market America is that people with any set of interests can start working for the company. There are a lot of advantages that working for Market America have over just working a regular job. For one thing, the process to getting started is a lot quicker than just finding a regular job. This is one attractive factor.

For people with a wide range of marketing skills, Market America is one of the best opportunities. They can use the marketing skills they have to reach out to people across different platforms and describe the products or the promotions that are being marketed. Once they attract enough customers, then they can make a fortune out of the work they do. The best part of this is that it is passive income. Therefore, the money is going to come in over time even after one has stopped working. This is one of the best opportunities to replace a regular job with.


Nick Vertucci is one of the most prominent real estate investors in the country. He operates an online class for people who want to learn the basics of real estate investing. Some people are worried about losing money when investing.

Nick Vertucci tries to teach people basic principles about investing. The people who have the most success as investors are people who stay consistent and focused.

Early Career

Instead of going to college, Nick Vertucci immediately started working in the real estate industry. He wanted to sell real estate to his clients. He enjoyed working with prospective buyers and sellers. After a few years, he started to get bored with the process. He built a real estate company designed to help other people with investing.

Best Tips

Nick Vertucci produces videos with numerous tips for investors. One of the great things about his videos is the simplicity of his advice. He firmly believes that the best investors are people who consistently follow simple advice. He gives tips on how to find a property that is not currently on the market. Looking for this type of property is a proven way to find a discount on a home.

Nick also recommends that people utilize private investors to help with the financing process. Some people struggle to develop a financing plan based on their current financial situation. Investors tend to borrow too much money when starting out. Instead of utilizing a bank loan, private investors can be an excellent way to get additional capital.

Growing His Audience

Nick Vertucci is active on social media and tries to build his audience as much as possible. Many people enjoy listening to his videos and his advice. Anyone who wants to learn about real estate should consider listening to his advice.

David Giertz is based in the United States’ Midwestern region in Dublin, Ohio. He used to work for Nationwide Financial as its Distribution and Sales President. He’s been part of the financial services field for three decades and counting. Giertz did extremely well while at Nationwide Financial. He encouraged his department to expand in a dramatic manner. Although Giertz is a strong financial mind, he has other talents on his side. He’s a business coach who has certification through an organization that’s known as the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

Giertz had a solid employment record before joining the Nationwide Financial team. He in the past was a financial services advisor with Citigroup. He landed a position as area director after that. This even paved the way for a Sales Executive Vice President job. He soared in this position as well. Giertz was associated with always exceeding the hopes of the people in his field. He graduated from the University of Miami in Miami, Florida with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. He graduated from Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, too.

This professional doesn’t think that he has any days that are quite “normal.” He tries to begin each morning in a similar manner, though. He does so by taking in a nutritious breakfast. He eats and simultaneously assesses the news. He likes to wake up before most other people do. He tries to set aside sufficient time to plan prior to attending meetings. Walks are also critical to Giertz. His walks generally last for anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes. They push his body into motion. They make him feel like he has all of the vitality in the world as well.

David Giertz adores viewing technological advancements. He thinks that they proceed extremely quickly. He thinks that groups should welcome technological components. He thinks that technology makes organizations run better. He thinks that it helps organizations set themselves apart, too. Giertz is a man who is familiar with paying his dues. He paid for his college education all by himself.