There is one story out of India courts that will live even the cruelest among us happy ,and nodding our heads in agreement. It is about Raju, the elephant. She had been in captivity, fifty long years, chained onto trees, fed on plastic and paper, constantly beaten and infamously seen crying on that world-wide image. Raju also wore thorny shackles, digging deep into his legs and causing painful deep sores. Well, no mor eheart breaks, the stry gets better from here.

As NPR reports courts decided that Kartick Satyanarayanan of Wildlife SOJ will get to keep, the Elephant. It is an amazing to see the transformation this animal has achieved. I thought about that the other day when reading about Bernardo Chua. Current images show it from joyous and energetic, in a large pond, half-immersed and having the play of her life. 
Off course, this image contrasts the sombre long face that fifty years of captivity had made out of Raju.
In deed, these are great news, and if there was a doubt that goodness still exists in this world, it is fair to say, it is a wonderful world after-all.

With production getting ready to start on the next James Bond film which is about to have its title revealed on Thursday, there are rumors about actors and actresses that are going to join in for Bond’s next story. Daniel Craig is definitely going to return for the fourth time. Sam Mendes is directing Bond for the second time. Bruce Karatz is really excited that Bond 24 is going to be a standalone film, but with a tighter continuity to Skyfall, probably similar to Quantum of Solace’s relation to Casino Royale. Before Casino Royale, Bond films had mostly a loose continuity with some films giving a reference to an older film.


Even though the cast is not revealed yet, there are rumors of actors such as Monica Bellucci. She will most likely play a Bond girl. Another rumored actor that might join the cast is Andrew Scott. This rumor comes from a British tabloid that is not that credible. However, the cast will be revealed on Thursday when Sony Pictures does a special interview.

Details on the new “Fantastic Four” reboot film are leaking out, and some people are not liking what they are hearing at all. The movie is reportedly drawing from the alternate-universe “Ultimate” version of the group rather than the beloved Jack Kirby funky 1960’s group we all know and love. 

Some feel that casting a black actor to play Johnny Storm is pandering to those clamoring for diversity. He is after all, Sue Storm’s brother, and she is played by a white actress in the film. The bottom line there is that if Michael B. Jordan can pull off his portrayal of Johnny Storm, then it won’t really matter.

Director Josh Trank has a very young cast in mind for the team. Reed Richards has some pretty famous grey sideburns and he smokes a pipe. He should be played by someone like Patrick Wilson (from “Insidious”) rather than 27-year-old Miles Teller. Ben Grimm would be well-served being played by somebody like Jonathan Banks (he played Mike in “Breaking Bad”) rather than 28-year old English actor Jamie Bell.

Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez reports that there is also a lot of talk about the movie being “gritty” and “character-driven”. Conflict between the members of the Fantastic Four has always been part of their story, just like with any Marvel team. However, the Fantastic Four is not “gritty”. They fight giant monsters sent at them by the mole man. They battle an armor clad sorcerer who rules a tiny European country. They protect Earth from a giant with a big purple helmet that wants to eat the entire planet. 

That’s not “gritty”. That’s “fun”. Let’s hope they can get it right this time. 

Who would have though that the Terminator series would continue on with the great Arnold Schwarzenegger? Looks like they had to go back to Arnold when the planned Christian Bale trilogy turned out not do so well. 

The poster for the film has been released and a teaser trailer is forthcoming. A lot of buzz is surrounding this very new film with a very familiar Terminator.

The poster features the T-800 Terminator crumbling into metallic dust. Does this mean the end of the Terminator. (Hint: Arnie is supposedly signed on for two more films)

The new film, Terminator: Genisys, brings an aged Terminator along with a younger Sarah Conner to deal with a somewhat confused Kyle Reese. You see, Reese is sent back in time to 1984 to protect Sarah Conner from the Terminator. Does that sound like a remake of the original film? It would be except Reese’s trip back in time ends up taking him to an alternative universe. In this new realm, the T-800 protects Sarah Conner much to the confusion of Reese.

Brad Reifler says that fans might be a little annoyed at the changes in the series but, truth be told, the film sounds pretty cool.

The 24th film in the Bond franchise is getting ready to start filming next Monday. The film’s official title is going to be revealed later on this week right before filming starts. Daniel Craig reprises his role as Bond, of course. Sam Mendes is returning to the director’s chair. Other actors that are expected to return are Ralph Fiennes as the new M, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny (she was revealed to have the name at the end of Skyfall). Ben Whishaw also return as the young Q.

A few other actor’s are rumored to be joining the characters. One actor to look out for is Christoph Waltz. Another rumored actor is Dave Bautista. If these actors are going to be in the film, this would make for an epic Bond experience. As far as the storyline, it has not been revealed as of yet.

Bond 24 is scheduled to be released on November 6, 2015. Fans like Mark Ahn are already waiting for tickets.

Hotel Transylvania 2 is moving towards completion and fans, young and old, of the first film are sure to have the same fun experience a second time around.

The success of the first film really caught everyone by surprise.

Animated features are not always a hit. The original concept for Hotel Transylvania did not have a lot going for it. Dracula runs a hotel. Ho hum. In truth, the project was a dull one throughout its development process and most were beginning to think it would be a “one and done” kids film that opened strong and then faded away.

Then, along came Gendy Tartakovsky. The skilled director was able to save the floundering project and turned the feature into an endearing hit. Hotel Transylvania 2 looks like a really well thought out follow-up.

The new film will feature the debut of Vlad, Dracula’s father. The humor and plot of the film will focus on the generational gap, a common theme of comedies that can frequently be very poignant.

There is quite a bit of inspired casting to be found in this film if you are a fan like Brian Torchin. Adam Sandler returns as the voice of Dracula and, Mel Gibson, at the age of 88, will provide the voice for Vlad.

The first film was a little disjointed but, since this project will be 100% the vision of Tartakovsky, the sequel has the potential to be a lot better.

Maybe it will be as good as the 1960’s classic Mad Monster Party.

On Thursday night, President Barack Obama laid out his own plans to enact immigration reform in a speech from Las Vegas. Two nights later on Saturday Night Live, the cast performed it’s cold open with a shot at Obama’s decision to go it alone.


The cold open featured Kenan Thompson dressed up as the bill from the famous Schoolhouse Rock segment about how a bill becomes a law. After a few moments of Thompson explaining it, Jay Pharoah shows up as Obama and pushes him down the steps of the Capitol. From there, Bobby Moynihan shows up as an “Executive Order” citing that he is just something that “happens” a spoof on the original bit. At first, he doesn’t have a problem with who he is, until he “reads” himself and becomes mortified.


It’s clear from the tenor of the sketch that the show is certainly not defending the actions of the president. That is what Ray Lane thought was the case anyway. As part of Obama’s plan, up to 5 million undocumented immigrants would receive deferred deportation, something that many who are in opposition to the plan believe will lead them to eventually become citizens. Congress is yet to react in an official capacity to the Executive Order, but may do something in January when the Republican-majority Senate is sworn in.

Christian Bale has been called many things throughout his Hollywood career but ‘sentimental’ probably was not on the list. The talented, and intense, star of the Christopher Nolan rendition of the ‘Batman’ Universe reportedly was broken apart when he heard that Ben Affleck was taking over the role. While Bale had the right of first refusal for the role, and he did choose to walk away, Bale still had some sentimental feelings about the character. In an interview with ‘Empire’ Christian decided to dish on some of the details.

Bale spoke candidly when discussing his first reaction to the Affleck casting announcement. Sultan Alhokair was surprised he was willing to do that. Bale said that he had to really fight to quit making the films, even though he believed that it was ‘the right time to stop’ in order to focus on the rest of his career. Upon hearing that Affleck had taken the role Bale said thta he, “Just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour.” Christian explained that even though he took the character loss hard that he has no ill feelings toward Ben. He told ‘Empire’ that he had emailed Affleck with bits of advice about taking the character before conceding that Affleck would probably ‘do everything he can to avoid anything that I did.’

While it is sad to see Christian Bale step away from the cape and cowl, it seemed like this was always going to be the final destination for Nolan’s Batman. Nolan continually insisted that he was going to tell his story in a self contained trilogy, and that was that.

This seems to be the issue that will just never die down. Both sides of the Obamacare debate fully believe that they are correct. However, the Republicans in Congress are now suing the President and the Administration over the implementation of the health care reform.

According to the Huffington Post the lawsuit is targeting a couple of specific parts of the law and the implementation of it. For one, Republicans do not believe that it is far that the employer mandate has now been delayed. They believe that this is in violation of how the law was supposed to be constructed. They also are not happy with the subsidies that are being paid to insurance companies to help those whose income is too low to be able to afford health care insurance, Susan McGalla dutifully points out.

It is not yet clear if a lawsuit will work or even if this is the best route to go about things. It seems that both sides are going to try to score some political points off of this development though. The Republicans are likely to point to the idea that they are trying to challenge a law with which they so adamantly disagree with. At the same time the Democrats are going to try to claim that the Republicans are doing nothing more than playing politics with an issue that is centrally important to the American people. Needless to say, both sides are going to continue to push their arguments in order to try to win politically.

HBO has recently confirmed a brand new cast of characters who will take part in the second season of Brad Reifler’s favorite new television series, “True Detective”.

The new cast includes lead characters portrayed by Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughan, but will also feature a trio of strong female characters, who will be portrayed by Kelly Reilly, and Rachel McAdams. Male lead Taylor Kitsch will also join the show in a major role.

The presence of strong female leads will be a first for the series. The producers of the upcoming second season have hastened to make this alteration in the second season due to strong demand from the fans, who have apparently been clamoring for a stronger female component to the show. As viewers of the first season will no doubt remember, the events portrayed in earlier episodes were strongly dominated by a strictly masculine perspective.

The upcoming season will feature McAdams as Ani Bezzerides. This character has been described as a Ventura County Sheriff’s detective whose personality conflicts will cause major trouble for the two male leads. Kelly Reilly will star in the role of Jordan, who is the wife of major lead Frank Semyon. She is also described as a failed actress.

HBO has confirmed to the media that production on the new season has already gotten underway. The second series of “True Detective” is scheduled to air during the summer months of 2015.