Both men and women have used cosmetics for centuries upon centuries. It was probably the ancient Sumerians who were the first to use cosmetics to decorate their eyes and lips, around 5,000 years ago. In fact, ancient civilizations like the Sumerians and Egyptians used everything from gemstones to fish scales to chemical elements to enhance their beauty. The wide variety in cosmetics has continued throughout history. A traditional Chinese cosmetic was derived from fungus, and in the 17th century in England men and women used a deadly lead based foundation on their faces.

Luckily for the modern makeup enthusiast, times have changed. The cosmetics industry is overseen by regulators, including the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. There are also companies that endeavor to use the best of the ingredients available, excluding the artificial and the harmful chemicals that have been used in the past. A small but growing number of these cosmetic companies are making products that are vegan, meaning there are no animal products used to formulate the cosmetic. Some companies are also taking a stand against the practice of using animals as test subjects for their products. One of these companies is Lime Crime, a stellar, wild and fun cosmetic company based in Los Angeles.

Lime Crime is an example of a dream turned reality. The company was founded by Doe Deere who is also the Chief Executive Officer and who encourages the fans of Lime Crime “not to quit their daydream.” Growing from a company founded with just a few hundred dollars, Lime Crime now offers people around the world the opportunity to show their personality through cosmetics for their eyes, lips and nails! Lime Crime’s website will encourage your fun and playful side, a perfect complement to the adventurous colors available for lips and in eye palettes. If you are ever stuck for ideas to show your personality through makeup, you can look to Lime Crime’s awe inspiring and high spirited Look Book.

Whatever you are in the market for, Lime Crime has your eyes, lips and nails covered. Want a liquid to matte lipstick? Try one of the fourteen adventurous colors of Velvetines! Would you rather have an audacious opaque lipstick? There are twenty color choices when it comes to Unicorn lipstick! As for eyes, you will not find a more well thought-out palette than Venus. And Lime Crime’s nail polish offers both unique and traditional fun colors. Every product page offers a full list of ingredients and a vegan label, so you know exactly what you are buying.

Whatever you choose to buy from Lime Crime, let it inspire and delight you!

Houston was a small town in the 1940’s, but all that has changed. Houston has become a metropolis, and the real estate market is booming. In the 1940’s, it was unbearable hot, and there was no air conditioning. Due to the hot climate, it was not an easy place to live, and it was not a corporate headquarters destination. Now, it is a hug city with skyscrapers, suburbs and a magnet for corporate headquarters. Everyone lives, works and shops in air conditioning. As employment has increased, there is a greater need for real estate to house employees. New housing is being build, and shopping centers have grown.

One of the big real estate developments is a shopping center, the Highland Village. In the 1940’s Highland Village had a few stores. Now, covering 15 acres, it is a major shopping venue with stylish high-end stores as well as smaller modest shops. Highland Village covers 15 acres, and it has been described as one of the best performing and extraordinary malls.

The stores are encouraged to develop their own unique identities. LinkedIn reported that the purpose is to maintain the atmosphere of unique stores in a historic area. As the Highland Village has grown over the years, there have been several shops built at different times. This mixture of architectural styles makes it an interesting urban area. Innovative building style and design appeals to sophisticated shoppers.

One example of excellence in restaurants is dinning at chef’s Bruce Molzan best known restaurant in the Highland Village. Bruce Molzan’s Corner Table is a restaurant for foodies with dishes that have been referred to as retro with a menu that follows a paleo diet. For the modern diet, the restaurant serves food without gluten, grain, dairy and legumes. The atmosphere is convivial, and chief Molzan will walk through the restaurant visiting with the customers. The restaurant is filled every night, and it is difficult to get a reservation.

Haidar Barbouti has made a phenomenal contribution to the growth and development of real estate in the Houston area. He is the driving force behind Highland Village. He came to the United State in 1986. He has been working in the real estate field for over 20 years specializing in acquisition, expansion and supervising operations of shopping centers, housing and commercial buildings. There is another side to Haidar Barbouti. He is a philanthropist with concerns for the needs of the disadvantaged. His concerns focus on children and animals who he considers defenseless and in need of help. He has contributed to numerous other charitable causes. It is notable that he has designated retail space that he owns in Highland Village and provided that space for the Highland Village Adoption Center for animals.

The most appropriate time to start investing is the moment that a young person receives there first job after college in their chosen profession. For many, it could be their first experience with investing in any form including their parents. Because of this, these young investors may want to seek the advice of an investment professional. The firm that they approach should be reputable and financially healthy. With the advent of the internet, there is plenty information available.

The second thing that they should remember is that these investment professional are there to enrich themselves and their company. This comes from selling stocks, and it does not matter if the stocks are successful. There is a simple remedy to prevent these professionals from taking undue risks with the investors’ money. Simply ask the investment professional if they are willing to become the investor’s fiduciary. Reuters had an article that being a fiduciary makes them legally culpable for any clandestine activities with the investor’s investments, so if the professional is not willing to be a fiduciary, the potential investor should find an investment professional that will.

However, this does not demean the business, and many investment professionals like Brad Reifler that are ethical go on to head large firms. Because they are upstanding investors, the people that utilize them trust them to perform and give direct valuable advice. This trust has propelled Reifler to the heights of the investment world. His advice is responsible for generating returns for some of the largest investors in the world. In this business, he is an unparalleled visionary. However, there are investment professionals with Brad’s integrity, and when they agree to become the investor’s fiduciary, it says just that. Investing early does carry some risk, but it allows for long term gains, even if the short term is not looking rosy.

The Atlanta Hawks have been owned by Bruce Levenson since 2004. In the time that Levenson has owned the team, Atlanta has become a steady fixture in the middle of the Eastern Conference playoff race. With quality drafting and decent free agency pick ups the team has managed to fit together a competitor in most years. Now the Atlanta Hawks have been sold to a Grant Hill/Tony Ressler combination for an astounding $850 million dollars. Coming off of their most successful season in years Atlanta will be hoping to replicate that quality level of play. However, things won’t be easy as the Eastern Conference starts to take shape for the 2015 – 2016 season.

Last season the Atlanta Hawks rode a ball movement based offense in order to climb the Eastern Conference ladder and win 60 games. The Hawks went into the playoffs underrated thanks to their style of play and they made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals where the team was promptly swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Al Horford struggled mightily in this series and he was ultimately shut down by the harder working Tristan Thompson. After getting swept in a series against the underwhelming Cavaliers roster, fans were right to wonder just what was going on with their team.

So the offseason came around and Atlanta immediately started making some moves. They dealt a few players away and let Demarre Carroll sign elsewhere in free agency. Carroll broke out in the playoffs to lead the team in scoring while playing elite defense at the swing position. In his place the Hawks will try to patch up the spot with guys like Tim Hardaway Jr and Lamar Patterson while Thabo Sefolosha recovers from an injury. This is a huge and immediate downgrade that will have serious repercussions on the rest of the team.

Fortunately Atlanta did get busy with acquiring veteran big man Tiago Splitter. Splitter has helped the Spurs offense and defense down low for the last couple of years and the big man looks ready to take a bigger bite of playing time in Atlanta. With the Hawk’s Mike Scott getting in drug trouble, Splitter might just have earned himself a solid spot in the rotation.

Still none of this really matters if the Hawks don’t evolve with the Eastern Conference. Cleveland is another year older and healthier and the rest of the East has gotten a ton better in the mean time. Atlanta may have missed their window on getting to an NBA Finals and it might have been the only chance they’re going to get. Fans of the Hawks hope not, but things are looking pretty rough at the moment.

Our doggies are loyal buddies, and they rely on us to take care of them like Beneful. To assist your canine buddy live a fit life, you are supposed to understand several of the top common health issues dogs experience, their symptoms, plus what you may possibly do concerning them.

Dogs Plus Ear Infections
Ear infections are usual dog health problems, and they might be brought by antipathies, yeast, bacteria, ear mites, growth of hair inside the ear duct, etc. signs your pooch might have an infection in the ear includes:
• Head shivering or even head slanting
• Ear odor
• Vigorous scratching
• Shortage of balance
• Rare back-&-forth eye movements
• Redness of ear duct
• Inflammation of the external part of its ear
• Brown, yellow, or even bloody discharge

Continually take your pooch to the vet in case you think it has an ear contamination. In most instances, cleaning as well as treating the ear channel will rapidly wipe out any infection. Nevertheless, surgical operation might be necessary for protracted infections or in case forceful head quivering lead to rupture of vessels in the external part of your dog’s ear.

Dogs and Worms
Tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms and roundworms are usual internal parasites in doggies. And though every worm invasion can cause your dog to be uncomfortable, for instance, hookworms could be deadly in puppies. Symptoms your pooch might be having worms include:

• Diarrhea (might be bloody)
• Weight loss
• A variation in appetite
• A jagged, dry coat
• Scooting on its bottom

A general poor appearance
The best method to detect a worm infection is by visiting a vet. Therapy is subject to which kind of worm your pooch has, although generally comprises of an oral medicine and might need follow-up. Don’t attempt to treat worms yourself: A drug that exterminates roundworms, for instance, doesn’t exterminate tapeworms.

When Fleas Get Your Pooch
It takes only 3 weeks for 1 flea to become an invasion of 1,000 biting bugs. An extremely common dog health issue, fleas are easily picked by dogs, though they’re similarly simple to eradicate. Signals your canine buddy might have fleas include:

• Excessive itching, licking, or even biting on the skin
• Hair loss
• Hot patches
• Allergic dermatitis
• Tapeworms (that are carried with fleas)
• Flea dirt (appears like tiny black dots) against your pooch’s skin

Untreated fleas cause your dog to have intense discomfort, and can as well result to allergic reactions, contaminations, and anemia due to blood loss. Consult your vet concerning the appropriate flea medication for your pooch that might feature oral prescription, shampoos, topical liquids or even sprays.

The Beneful brand line features 8 dry dog meals, 7 claimed to satisfy ‘AAFCO nutrient profile’ for every life phase for adult keep.

The following are some recipes obtainable:

• Beneful Original
• Beneful Playful Life
• Beneful IncrediBites
• Beneful Healthy Smile
• Baneful Healthy Fiesta
• Beneful Healthy Weight
• Beneful Healthy Radiance
• Beneful Healthy Growth for pups

Judging with the ingredients only, Beneful Dog Food seems like a low-average dry variety. However, ingredient standard by itself can’t give the whole story. It is necessary to approximate the brand’s meat content prior to determining an ultimate rating.

The fact is that there are several branches of law. Personal injury is another branch of the law that many consumers might require during their life. Generally, a personal injury attorney is contacted because an individual was injured in some way. This might be on the job, due to a mistake at a medical facility, or faulty products that they purchased, and more. Let’s take a closer look at the personal injury attorney.

The first step is to contact a personal injury attorney for a consultation. Many people assume that they will have to dish out a hefty sum of money to consult with an attorney. This is a false assumption. The fact is that the consultation process is generally free. The attorney will work with the client on a contingency basis. In other words, your attorney receives a percentage of the settlement. The contingency amount is usually discussed during the consultation.

Contingency Basis
Many people are confused about the contingency basis and wonder if there are any hidden fees. Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This is a perfectly ethical way to operate. However, the personal lawyer is paid a percentage of the settlement. The contingency fee depends on several factors. For example, the length and scope of the case, size of the firm, or city location.

Mikal C. Watts
Mikal Watts is an experienced personal injury attorney that is located in San Antonio, Texas. The distinguished attorney has received several awards during his career. For example, he was recognized as one of the best lawyers of any age for plaintiffs, in the National Law Journal. In addition, he is a leading legal spokesman on personal injury issues and has delivered sage advice to interested parties across the country.

It seems as if there are some brands out there who know just what they should be doing in regard to advertising, and then there are some brands that have no idea which direction they should go in with the advertising that they produce. I think that some brands have all of the help that they need in the area of advertising, and that they do great with that help, and then there are some brands that are just struggling to make it. I believe that the advertising that a company puts out helps to change the way that that company is perceived, and I believe that a company needs to have good advertising in order to make it.

When it comes to advertising and Purina news coverage, the company seems to know just what they are doing. I believe that this is one of those companies that knows just what they need to include in their advertising, and that they do well in that area. There is an ad out from Purina that features a new pet owner and the puppy that he has adopted. I believe that this is the kind of ad that will help the company to do well. This is an emotional ad, an ad that pulls at the heartstrings of those watching it. This is an ad that does well.

When a company is looking to receive the right kind of advertising, they need help from a company that knows how to provide them with that advertising. When a company is trying to appeal to pet owners, that company needs to come out with ads that feature adorable pets. I believe that Purina PetCare knows just what it takes to put out good advertising, and I believe that they have the help that they need in that area. I believe that they are one of those brands that understands the power of good advertising, and I think that the ads that they put out will be helpful to their company.

There are a lot of companies marketing healthy products, and there are a lot of companies who succeed at selling their products and do well for themselves. OrganoGold is one of those companies. Facebook employees said they started off marketing their Chinese herb products a while ago, and they have been doing great ever since then. They have been able to expand to multiple countries as their product gains popularity. They are passionate about what they do, and because of their passion, they have been able to take their company far.

Bernardo Chua is the man who came up with the idea for the company OrganoGold. He wanted to share the Chinese herb with the world. He had business experience before that, and he used that to help him to get this company up and running. And, thanks to all that he knows about business, he has been able to take this company far. He has been able to do a lot for them, and they are doing great as a company. The Chinese herb is getting a lot of attention, and they have been able to expand far as a company.

So, as you can see from what is written about the founder of this company, what it takes for a healthy product to get popular is for it to have some hard workers in the company. OrganoGold has that. They have people behind them who believe in them. They will go far as a company because of how hard their workers and founder will work for them.

With a name that sounds like an expedition looking for gemstones, Crystal Hunt is an American screen actress and producer. She is best known for roles in the soap operas Guiding Light and One Life to Live, and has also appeared in a number of movies. She has received a daytime Emmy nomination and Soap Opera Digest Award for her role in Guiding Light (2005 ). Her big screen roles include parts in The Derby Stallion, Sydney White, NYC Underground, 23 Blast, and Magic Mike XXL. She is the executive producer of a new movie, Talbot County, which is movie based on the legend about Emily Burt, a resident of Talbot County, Ga. in the late 19th century who was thought to have suffered from lycanthropy.

Crystal began her career at the age of 2 by appearing in pageants where her “talent” was in acting. Apparently this was a genuine talent. She was 17 when she was cast as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. Her role on One Life to Live was as stripper Stacy Morasco.

Crystal is also active in her church in hometown Clearwater, Florida. Her website even carried an invitation to Easter services. The lovely smile seen on her face in so many pictures of her looks like a smile so often seen in church.

Crystal also expresses a fondness for Indy car races and the type of “Jacked Up” pickup trucks seen so frequently in her home state of Florida. She also has an interest in animals, including owning a high end pet boutique.

Mobile cell phone carriers have been all the rage in the tech start up world as newer and newer companies all vie to get the inside scoop on how to grab a new demographic of clienteles. Whether these new independent mobile carriers are focused on unlimited data plans or nationwide hotspot networks, they are all looking to get the edge while undercutting the opposition. One L.A. based start up, FreedomPop, is now looking at a global expansion after shrugging off dogged M&A rumors over the past couple of months.

FreedomPop was established in L.A. back in 2012 by a group of tech minded individuals. Their start up was immediately seeded by the founder of Skype and this pushed CEO Stephen Stokols and the rest of the group forward with near instant success. FreedomPop is focusing on supplying a ‘freemium’ carrier service for people who are interested in completely free, and limited, service as the core part of their plan. Individuals who sign up for FreedomPop get a limited amount of free mobile data, minutes, and SMS text messages. If the clients go over their limit then they are charged overages or if they wish to upgrade their plan they can buy additional services.

The start up became a hot commodity after the huge networking giants, like AT&T and Comcast, began snapping up smaller mobile companies. For months there were rumors that FreedomPop was on the verge of selling. This ended up not being the case as FreedomPop just closed out a successful Series B round which inked them over $30 million in new investment capital, thanks in large part to Partech Ventures — a European venture capitalist group. With this new investment money in hand the company is aiming at pushing their U.K. expansion.

FreedomPop has already launched their core brand in the U.K. which is one of the hardest and most competitive mobile markets in the world. It’s slightly more restricted than the U.S. release but has its own set of perks. Users who travel often can also partake in the U.K. special service ‘JetSetter’ which is focused on giving certain amounts of free data to those that would otherwise be roaming due to their traveling. FreedomPop is currently growing at a rate of 25% per quarter and these new services should help to keep the company floating toward the big time, ultimately making them competitive with the other huge carriers.

While the freemium mobile data plan is pretty unique it is likely to be a trend going forward, not something that breaks the mould. More and more companies are needing to offer dramatic new services in order to acquire and retain a customer base. With mobile hot spots becoming common place as well there is no reason that companies can’t get creative with what they are going to be offering. As FredomPop grows expect them to be emulated by many new companies popping up all over the world and watch as the mobile trend completely changes for the better.