Before making a television series into a big budgeted blockbuster became common business practice, a Harrison Ford vehicle got the world looking for the one armed man that murdered his wife. Of course, “The Fugitive” was adapted from a classic television show from the same name. The movie was something of a hit for Ford, and like all good things major studios are hoping to cash in on the franchise again.

According to Screen Rant, another installment of “The Fugitive” is in development. The actual plot of the film remains to be seen, but signs are pointing at more of a straight-up remake of the film as opposed to a sequel type of vehicle. Still the actual footing remains to be seen as the movie is still in the extremely early stages of development. Television properties have been sporadic with their success at the box office lately.

“The Fugitive” is based in some classic cinema and television, and it might just be time for a new generation to experience the adventures of Dr. Richard Kimble. While Ford will likely not be involved with the new movie, fans should not count the veteran actor out of the equation. A cameo is always a possibility, and with Ford getting some exposure in the new Star Wars film, Ricardo Tosto feels it might make sense for a new generation of moviegoers to take a quick look at an actor at the center of so many successful films.

Transgender individuals are not new to society. People who have identified as transgender are often a pariah within their communities. The recent surge in transgender issues is due in part to people becoming more open and accepting to unconventional ways of life. Legislation, politics, and even the educational system are doing their best to catch up to the times. Laws and bills are being formed and passed to help the fight against transgender individuals being discriminated against. Many of those rights were debated amongst the members of the Fairfax County school board. Tensions were so high during the meeting that security had to be called.

School board members and citizens of the community gathered together to vote on whether gender identity should be included in the list of rights covered against discrimination. The school board would make sure that transgender students, teachers, and employees would receive the same amount of respect as non-transgender individuals. Many people were against the school board’s decision. The opposition believed that the school board would allow their children to be peeped on by other students posing as transgender students. The people voting for the change argued that transgender students would still be required to use single person facilities for their own safety.

Also, students who identified as transgender would go through an extensive approval process within the school district. Ricardo Tosto said the school board approved the decision 10 votes to 1. The lone voter wasn’t able to make a decision and abstained from voting. The school board stands by their decision and hopes that in time, the community will come to understand how to be more accepting. They made a decision to make sure that present and future students can be comfortable. Fairfax County hopes that the rest of Virginia follows.

Peter Jackson is one of the most revered and respected filmmakers all time for his revolutionary work on the initial ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. Adapting such an important fantasy story and turning it into over nine hours of on screen entertainment had to be difficult, especially for a director who at the time was quite fresh on the scene. The Trilogy came out to rousing success, making stars of men like Viggo Mortenson and Sean Bean. So when Jackson decided to go back to Tolkien’s world via an adaptation of ‘The Hobbit’, we were appropriately excited. Yet after seeing the entire trilogy in its duration, we can’t say that Jackson did it right.

The biggest issue that comes up when discussing ‘The Hobbit’ is the fact that it lacks the organic reality that gave ‘Lord of the Rings’ such a unique feeling. The Hobbit instead opted for tons of computer usage and it the decision was heavily criticized, despite the defense of star Richard Armitage. But the use of CGI wasn’t the only place that the films really failed to pull in fans of the lore and fans of Jackson’s prior work.

The failure that we felt most deeply was that the new trilogy lacked the heart of the old one. When Aragorn leans of Boromir after the breaking of the fellowship, we can feel their anguish. Outside of a few moments between Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage, there isn’t that same depth in ‘The Hobbit’ people are used to discussing on Yahoo.

On Tuesday, Dariel Figueroa wrote an article for UPROXX titled “From Addict To Avenger: The Journey Of Robert Downey, Jr.” Many fans of the popular 50-year-old actor have been asking since the publication whether Figueroa should have dug up Robert Downey Jr.’s past — especially after RDJ walked out of an interview two weeks ago because a British interviewer tried to blindside him with questions about his past.

For those who think Figueroa was trying to take advantage of the sensationalism behind that event… think again.

Although Figueroa’s piece does go into the many dirty events, such as RDJ’s drug addiction, arrests and suicidal tendencies, that lead to RDJ fighting to achieve his current success, Figueroa made his article more about how RDJ’s story points to a rare example of a celebrity who took back his life while fighting addiction.

What the piece necessary?

Several people in the comments below the article expressed how much they were thankful to Figueroa for writing the piece because it helped them to better appreciate the actor and the man. It was even referred to as a “Damn good read.” and a “Great job.” Ivan Ong agreed with some of those thoughts.

The piece was necessary for another reason: The article has already proven that it can help those currently struggling with addiction find motivation to improve their lives. One reader, who is fighting addiction, wrote that he considered RDJ an “inspiration” after reading the article.

All over the United States, millennials are becoming increasingly conscious of the health value of their food. It is becoming more frequent that millenials care where food is coming from and how it is made.

The producers of food are paying attention to this and acting accordingly. Recently, both McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A made announcements that within the next two to five years, they will be eliminating antibiotics in the chicken that they sell. On Tuesday, Tyson Foods said that they would be taking human antibiotics out of their chicken by 2017.

In addition, Mikal Watts reports Kraft Foods Group made an announcement that it is taking artificial preservatives and colorings out of its original macaroni and cheese product and replacing these ingredients with natural spices. The Hershey Company is simplifying its list of ingredients for chocolate as well. Pepsi announced that it will stop adding aspartame to its diet sodas, and Kellogg’s is about to launch a new line of cereal that is free of artificial colors and flavors, as well as preservatives.

These changes that are being made are a response to trends being set into place by many millennials. Recently, companies such as Coca Cola and McDonald’s have lost a substantial amount of business, due to the nortorious lack of health value in their food and beverage products. They and other companies are indeed creating healthier products to respond to the needs of the market.

Ever since people finished the second Avengers movie, opinions about how the movie stands against the first amazing one are divided. However, what’s not under question is the movie’s sad quotient. Without spoiling anyone who hasn’t managed to watch the movie yet, fans felt extremely bad for two particular Avengers who aren’t going to get the happy ending they deserve. At least, not yet. However, the third Avengers movie that would be divided into two parts has some expectations and they are as follows –

Make Bruce Banner Happy Again – My friends at Madison Street Capital think fans are used to seeing Hulk’s calmer version haggard but overall, snarky and quippy. In the second movie, he started off that way but was soon back to his sad ways which definitely needs to be changed in the third Avengers film.

Give Spider-Man A Chance – It was recently revealed that the ending of the second movie was supposed to feature Spider-Man and Captain Marvel but in the end, that didn’t happen. Let’s change that because people love Spider-Man.

Bring Back Bucky Barnes – Here’s hoping that the next Captain America movie would treat the lovable character of Bucky Barnes and he would have a great role in the Avengers movie. It would be even better if he were to become an Avenger himself.

There are many other things to consider but these three would definitely bring the fans a lot of much needed sunshine after all the angst from the second movie.

We all love our comfort foods like pizza and popcorn. We know that we are not supposed to eat these comfort foods in large quantities because they are not always the best food for us to frequently eat. What many people don’t know is that the box that your pizza is in or the bag that you just microwaved your popcorn in, are very unsafe due to a number of chemicals that are used in their production.

The problem with pizza boxes is that there are a number of chemicals that are designed to prevent grease from being able to soak through the box. These PFSA’s, also known as perfluorinated chemicals, are a waterproof substance that are not only used on pizza boxes but also frying pans, jackets and more. A group of scientists from Madrid explained in their article “The Madrid Statement”, that these chemicals are not only bad for our health but also for the environment.

FreedomPop says that the inside of popcorn bags are lined with the same chemicals. This prevents grease or butter from leaking to the outside of the bag and it protects the popcorn during the popping process. The C8 that is emitted has been linked to high cholesterol, colitis, testicular cancer, kidney cancer and pregnancy induced hypertension. It is expected that the United States will phase out many of these chemicals by the end of the year, but in the meantime it is ideal to stay away from these types of products.

While The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron has not been released in the United States yet, it is already considered a hit with the international box office. The newest Marvel movie, which opens this Friday, had the third highest box office opening day in South Korea this past weekend. It was only beat out by the films Roaring Currents and Shrek 3 respectively. The country is a major market for movies, so much so a portion of Age of Ultron was shot there.

Ricardo Guimarães BMG says that in the second movie of the popular Avengers franchise, Marvel superheroes Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) once again come together as a team to fight the villian Ultron in his attempt to take over the world. The movie adds new faces this time around, bringing in Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Pietro Maximoff (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Joss Whedon returns as director, after directing the very successful The Avengers to box office gold the first time around.

Current projections have the film becoming the biggest opening film ever, so it will be exciting to see what happens when the film is released in the United States on Friday, May 1, 2015. A week after that it is set to open in another high profile market, as the film is released in China on May 12th.

Rumors have been swirling for months about the visible changes that Olympian, Bruce Jenner has been displaying. He has become tabloid fodder and the source of many debates. Jenner grew his hair out, got manicures with red polish, and was seen wearing a sports bra. His long awaited interview with Diann Sawyer gave America answers right from Jenner’s mouth. The runner blatantly stated, “For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman.” Sam Tabar even said he detailed his struggles throughout the many stages of his life about squelching his emotions and suppressing who he really was. His cross dressing began when he was a young boy and became a lifetime secret hobby when alone. Jenner is taking female hormones and proactively beginning to live as a woman, as for a complete gender change he, or she, is unsure at this time. He is thankful for the support of his family and fans. For the first time in his life, Bruce Jenner is starting to feel comfortable in his own skin.

Domestic box office opening weekend gross receipts has become the stick by which most movies are measured. The success of many tent pole films and franchise additions is put up against the massive budgets of the movies, but the box office opening really indicates just how far a film could go. The thought process takes into consideration a massive drop off the following weekend and linear drops from there. Obviously, the higher a film opens the better the chances of it making a serious financial win is.

According to Screen Rant, “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” has opened in 26 countries where the super hero movie had its first opening weekend to the tune of $201 million dollars. That total is pretty serious when two lucrative markets, the United States and China, have not had the film release yet. In addition, the number puts the sequel on pace to perform better than the original entry of the super hero team up film.

With the US release slated for the coming weekend, industry watchers and Susan McGalla alike are wondering if the movie will not break the all-time opening record, and just how far and fast the film can go. With a billion dollar grossing movie already in the books this year, “Fast & Furious 7,” Avengers 2 has a bit of ground to make up, but with a strong performance overseas already a forgone conclusion, Marvel looks to be on the cusp of something great.