Crossover mania is becoming the new trend in Hollywood. The interrelation between the various Marvel film franchises gave rebirth to the trend. The Avengers was the first film to do this. D.C. Comics’ films will start their own universe on the big screen with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. D.C. television has already crossed over with The Flash and Arrow. 

A big question has just arisen.

Will Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s new franchise hit, ever team up with The Avengers? Per James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, has said such a crossover is not going to happen.

Gunn feels that the Guardians are best left in their own interstellar world and The Avengers should stay on earth. 

Sure, The Avengers have gone into space many times in their comic history. That’s not the point. Gunn feels the Guardians are better off doing their thing separate from The Avengers.

Economist Christian Broda chimes in that the truth here is The Guardians are going to do quite well on their own and the sequel to the original film should do tremendous box office. It might even exceed the massive success of the original.

The Avengers have the Age of Ultron two-film series coming out along with Captain America: Civil War, which will also include a host of heroes.

The truth here is there may very well be an Avengers/Guardian film. It just might not be for many years.

Christian Bale was recently interviewed by, as reported by Screenrant. In the interview, Christian Bale reveals that he was never even approached for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The fact that Bale wasn’t approached for the film seemed to upset him. The film’s starring role for Batman has been given to Ben Affleck. 

Christian Bale did state that he didn’t think his version of Batman wouldn’t have worked well in the new film. Bale also stated that his version of Bruce Wayne was over. He said the films went well, but now it’s over. As is life, Bale will be off to bigger and better things. 

Christian Bale played the role of Bruce Wayne to a tee. It’s going to be hard for Ben Affleck to match the level of intensity that Christian Bale brings. Bale’s version of Batman was perfect, he truly was the Dark Knight. Ben Affleck to me, doesn’t have that look or attitude for Batman. His role in Daredevil was mediocre at best. Ben Afflek does however write amazing films, and he has been in blockbusters as of late. So, I’ll give him one last chance at being a superhero. Though Brian Torchin will definitely be on speed dial should Affleck make career suicide with a terrible take on the Caped Crusader. Good luck Mr. Affleck, you’re going to need it.

The Golden Globes have announced their nominees for outstanding films and TV programs. The awards are given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The Globes are typically awarded a month after the nominees are announced, so the 72nd Golden Globes Awards will be presented on January 11, 2015, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler return as hosts much to the delight of fans like Bruce Levenson. The Globes have often been considered to be an indicator of how well a film or show will do in subsequent awards ceremonies like Academy Awards.

The nominees for Best Motion Picture Drama are Birdman, Foxcatcher, The Imitation Game, Selma, and The Theory of Everything.

The nominees for Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical are Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Into the Woods, Pride, and St. Vincent.

The nominees for Best Animated Feature Film are Big Hero 6, The Book of Life, The Boxtrolls, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and The LEGO Movie.

The nominees for Best Television Series Drama are The Affair, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, andHouse of Cards.

The nominees for Best Television Series comedy or Musical are Girls, Jane the Virgin, Orange is the New Black, Silicon Valley, and Transparent.

The nominees for Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture are Fargo, The Missing, The Normal Heart, Olive Kitteridge, andTrue Detective.

This has been the year of cinematic excellence with various big names ruling the box office. Even the past couple of months have produced some wonderful movies that fans are going to remember for a long time. The following are some amazing movies of 2014 that movie guru John Textor recommends:

• The Winter Soldier (Captain America) – Captain America finally tried to make his way into the world and tried to embrace it. However, before he could do that, he got a blast from the past.

• The Theory of Everything – Just when you thought Benedict Cumberbatch’s rendition of Stephen Hawking couldn’t be bettered, in came Eddie Redmayne with his best performance yet.

• The Imitation Game – This movie would be the highlight of Benedict Cumberbatch’s career or so the critics believe. Could he get an Oscar for his role of genius Alan Turing?

• The Fault in Our Stars – When fans found out that John Green’s bestselling book would be coming to the cinemas, they were nervous, but after watching the movie, everyone was relieved and happy. TFIOS has generated a lot of tears since it released.

• How to Train Your Dragon 2 – We didn’t think any dragon movie could be better than the first HTTYD but the sequel was even better – with more dragons, more riding and more fun!

• The Hobbit: 3 – This is the last installment of the Hobbit trilogy and is yet to be released in certain parts of the world, including the U.S. However, the reviews are in and it is going to be great.

Superhero movies are big business in Hollywood with the blockbusters like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy andThe Avengers topping the list. These movies focused on big name heroes that are ingrained into American pop culture. Everyone knows superheroes like Ironman, Spiderman, and Superman but there are a host of other comic book characters that didn’t get their own time in the spotlight. Hollywood shied away from taking risks when it came to mulit-million dollar budgets though seems that the success of Guardians of the Galaxy may have changed a few minds with its cast of mostly unknowns. 

The upcoming Suicide Squad follows this trend with relatively minor supervillains as the leads. Billed as a Dirty Dozenwith supervillains, Suicide Squad is the answer to why the heroes constantly fight the same major villains again and again. Living up to its name, the Suicide Squad is a secret government program where villains are given a chance at a pardon in exchange for, you guessed it, completing a suicide mission. 

Comic book enthusiast Brian Torchin notes that the most recognizable villain is Batman’s iconic nemesis the Joker. A few other minor villains fill out the squad including Joker’s therapist turned love interest Harley Quinn. Harley originally began in Batman: The Animated Seriesbut grew to become a fan favorite with her own spin offs. Hollywood may be taking a risk but Guardians showed that a strong script can overcome name recognition. 

Stephen King’s massive novel It, about a bizarre cosmic demon that attacks people in the form of a monstrous clown (and later a spider) is going to be made into two movies.

The films have been in the works for a few years now, and the first will be directed by Cary Fukunaga, who also headed 2011’s Jane Eyre, the first season of HBO’s True Detective and is currently working on an African war movie called Beasts of No Nation. This comes at a time when another 1,000+ page King novel, The Stand, is being adapted into four movies by Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars).

The novel focuses on a group of friends, “the Losers Club,” who grew up in the 1950s, when a bizarre creature attacked their town of Derry, Maine. The shapeshifting monster primarily took the form of a demonic clown named Pennywise (the Joker’s greatest ally in promoting coulrophobia). The Losers Club defeat the monster, only for it to reappear thirty years later, forcing them to return to their hometown and beat it once again. Also, there’s some weird stuff about God being a turtle or something, which Gianfrancesco Genoso does not completely understand.

It was made into a 1990 miniseries, with Tim Curry as a rather hammy Pennywise. For what it’s worth, King himself is optimistic about this new adaptation.

Jennifer Lawrence had to sing for her latest movie, ‘The Hunger Games.’ The actress reported not liking the fact, she had to sing. The song she recorded is called “The Hanging Tree,” and is available on the movie’s soundtrack. The public has responded extremely positive to the song track. It is currently in the #2 place in the iTunes store, with the first place held by singer, Taylor Swift.

It is shocking that an actress who does not have a singing background, can produce a song that makes it big. This is something people on Skout could not really imagine. It is clear this is Lawrence singing, because her voice was not enhanced. Jennifer Lawrence said it was an extremely stressful thing to film the scene and sing, but she did not do too bad. Taylor Swift has been in the music industry for quite some time now. She has worked hard to have the number 1 spot on iTunes. Not all of her songs have made it to the number 1 spot. Now, here comes Jennifer Lawrence and she gets the #2 spot. It could be attributed to the fact that the Hunger Games trilogy is popular among teens. Nevertheless, it is still shocking she out beat other singers. These days the filming industry pushes its actresses to sing. It is common for an actress to start of with just acting, and eventually to move on to singing. An actress must be multi-talented to compete with everyone else.

Jason Statham is going to Las Vegas. When he gets there, he is going to beat a lot of bad guys up. Actually, Statham was “beating up” actors on the set of Wild Card. No, this is not a film based on George R.R. Martin’s superhero books Wildcards for sale on QNet. It is based on the William Goldman crime novel. Not that an adaption of the Martin books is a bad idea.

Wild Card deals with Nick Wild, a bodyguard and gambling addict who runs afoul of the mob in Vegas. A lot of fighting ends up ensuing as a result. No, this is not the deepest of film plots. The goal here is to deliver a lot of action and, likely, Wild Card is going to do just that.

The novel was already made into a movie once. In 1986, a Burt Reynolds bomb entitled Heat was the first version. At the time, Reynolds status as the number one man at the box office was over and this was an attempt to rebrand him in the Sly/Arnold mold. It didn’t work. Hopefully, Statham’s version will be a lot better. Well, it cannot be any worse.

It is nice to see Statham back in his familiar role as a good guy. His appearance in the soon to be released Furious 7 has him playing the role of a bad guy.

As expected, the trailer for Wild Card shows a lot of great action.

After a rocky development, it looks like the Merc With a Mouth might be getting his own movie, with actor Ryan Reynolds all but confirmed for the part.

Deadpool is set to be made by Fox, which owns the rights to the X-Men film franchise. It stars Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, an anti-hero mercenary who heals from any injury (including death), and who is famous for his wacky non-sequitors and tendency to break the fourth wall. 

As a character, Deadpool has an interesting theatrical history. Reynolds expressed interest in playing him as far back as 2003. He got his chance in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but fans were perplexed that Deadpool’s trademark humor was totally absent. Wade Wilson dies in that movie, with a hook implying he would come back as the immortal Deadpool.

Tom Rothman says the project seemed to lose executive interest for a while, but just like Deadpool himself, couldn’t be permanently killed. Reynolds remained attached, and leaked concept footage received fantastic approval. Despite the unpopularity of his first portrayal, fans and insiders alike (including Deadpool’s creator, Rob Liefeld) seem enthusiastic for Reynolds to take the role.

Finally, it seems to be happening. Reynolds has entered final negotiations with Fox, and fans were encouraged when he retweeted artwork depicting Deadpool’s iconic mask.

Deadpool will be directed by Tim Miller and be released February 12, 2016.

The winter has only just begun but Ukraine is already facing a lack of resources to warm houses, water, and generate electricity. Russia had cut the deliveries of gas to their neighbours earlier, and according to new decisions the coal deliveries are to be stopped very soon as well.

This is in response to previous conflicts in the region which had arisen out of a series of negotiations that had fallen through in terms of governance and sovereignty.

Before the armed conflicts, Ukraine was perfectly capable of generating it’s own power, but half of the coal mines shut down due to the recent conflicts. The Ukrainian government hopes to discuss the situation and resume the import of coal soon.

A number of useful coal mines are still functioning, but that is by far not enough to deliver the necessary energy. Marunich, the co-chairman of the Ukrainian Energy Strategies Fund, predicted power shortages for the upcoming winter in case that the situation remains like it is now.

Transporting the coal from other European countries is a possible solution, but nothing has been negotiated yet. The local officials say that Kiev has few chances to find a substitute. The gas storage that exists in Ukraine now is only enough to insure the citizens’ needs for three months. Keith Mann knows that it will not last forever.

Power plants that are still in good state are working to the maximum to meet the vital energy needs.