Paul Mampilly is a man who has shown how to make legitimate profits in stock investing and does so by doing his own research and studying the stock market carefully. He shares his information and gives some personal tips on stocks through newsletters he writes at Banyan Hill Publishing. Last year he told his readers that it would be a great year to buy stocks, and sure enough the stock market saw record high levels in gains. But this year he expects a lot of corrections to be imminent, but there are some stocks he says people can look into. They’re mega trends stocks include digital currency technology and Internet of Things stocks, which would be things like blockchain, artificial intelligence applications, precision medicine, robotics and more smart technology that will be coming to homes.

Paul Mampilly started writing these newsletters after leaving behind a Wall Street job in investment banking and hedge funds that made him a lot of money but did not allow him to live the life he truly dreamed of. Mampilly did not come from the a Wall Street elite background but actually came from a blue collar family in India, and his father got a job in the oil fields in the UAE to send him to college in the US. Mampilly earned a bachelor’s in accounting and finance at Montclair State University and worked in research first for Deutsche Bank starting in 1991. Over the next 25 years he worked in portfolio management positions at ING, Banker’s Trust, Sears Bank, Kinetics International Fund and for a few years as a consultant at Capuchin Consulting. While managing corporate and institutional client investments may have been his day job, Paul Mampilly was busy working on his own portfolio in his spare time and some big investments he made included buying early stage stocks in Facebook, Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics.

Paul Mampilly accomplished a lot in his time in investment banking including winning the Templeton Foundation’s 2008 investment competition, but the way he bought his own stocks and managed his investments made him realize he could really help people do this the way that he couldn’t in the hedge fund industry. He joined Banyan Hill in 2016 because they supplied information to readers for much less than most big stock market insider journals, and he realized he could connect more with his readers. In a short period, his first newsletter had gained 60,000 subscribers, and he also puts out visual materials to help people understand buying stocks in his YouTube videos.

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