For many years, Chicago has had thousands of shootings and homicides — still, the neighborhood violence continues on the increase. Yes, it’s a growing problem with a desperate need to end the problem. Perry Mandera is an experienced businessman and resident in the Windy City. He is formulating solutions to bridge the gap between citizens and police.

Cook County resident, Perry Mandera started his own trucking company during February 1986. As Founder and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. — Mr. Mandera has made a name for himself throughout the business-world industry ( His company is based in North Lake, Illinois and has been established as a full-service delivery carrier.

What’s more, Perry Mandera was recognized as a citizen of the year by the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) in 2011. And so, the businessman has promoted ISCC since the organization presented him their Bishop Shell Award during 2010. The Illinois State Crime Commission works together with the Police Athletic League. The ISCC’s mission is to bring down the crime rate and juvenile delinquency by supporting a favorable connection between police and participants of the community.

The organizations will provide police agencies hands-on training throughout the Chicago area. The ISCC was started with the purpose of getting rid of gang violence in the Chicago communities (Affiliatedork). The establishment has organized some free courses for the residential areas. Also, they have supplied tactical classes aimed at hand-to-hand fighting, festival security, martial arts, and guns.

Also, the Illinois State crime commission will reinforce existing laws and advance civil laws to reduce violence among juvenile sex offenders, underage drug possession, impaired driving and domestic violence. Moreover, Perry Mandera has supported many causes about the Chicago area. One of his most essential desires has been working with children in need. He has labored much with different children-focused organizations such as The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

Mr. Mandera has made use of his available resources through Custom Companies, Inc. and has made a positive impact on charitable organizations. Also, he has provided transportation services, supplies, and food to natural disaster victims — including losses caused by California wildfires and Hurricane Katrina.


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