Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Cares Charity that is aimed at helping families, churches and the community with transport services. He was able to acquire driving knowledge after high school in 1975 working for the United States Marine Corps Reserve. At the United States Marine Corps Reserve Perry Mandera was able to acquire the needed knowledge to maintain an effectively drive a car. Perry Mandera has a passion for working in the transport industry where he started his own transport business in 1980. However, Perry Mandera entered into politics becoming the youngest committeeman for Republican Party in Chicago at the age of 23 years. He held the position for 4 years and later established Custom Companies Inc. in 1986 which was focused on assisting people to access affordable transport.

Custom Company Inc. gained popularity by engaging in charity activities to help the community. The company assisted the hurricane Katrina victims using 40 trucks that were used to offer relief food and other commodities required by individuals affected by the earthquake. The company provided assistance to people affected by wildfires by offering transport services and donation to the community.


Great Man’s Responsibilities

The company has gained a competitive advantage in the transport industry by giving back to the society through donations and free transport services to the needy. Custom Companies has developed Charities that are used in distribution thousands of dollars to the needy families for social progress. Perry Mandera focus on corporate social responsibility and donations to the community makes the company accepted by the people. Perry Mandera donates to other charitable organizations to ensure that there is care to the needy in the society. Perry Mandera has been involved in the coaching of the youth in improving the local sports which are vital in increasing the social and economic performance of the nation. The trained individuals have made their mark in different prestigious competitions such as Olympics participating in basketball, baseball, boxing, and football.

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