Award shows as big as the Oscars tend to draw a lot of criticism for the movies and actors that are not nominated for prizes instead of celebrating the films that actually made some impact. The lack of focus the voters place on box office success usually leads to a lot of great movies being bypassed for a variety of reasons. That being said, there usually are a few surprises when the nominations are announced.

The 2015 Academy Awards nominations were announced recently, and there were very few of such surprises to be found. With the ceremony scheduled for a big broadcast night of February 22, 2015, the stars and nominees will dressed to kill as they hope to spend a few minutes on the stage thanking everyone they can think of. The notable exceptions from the list are few. However, lack of Oscar love for the follow up to the successful Lord of the Rings trilogy is pretty glaring, especially for Ben Shaoul, a superfan who you can find on LinkedIn. 

Director Peter Jackson eventually home the director’s prize when the final installment of the films was released; however, it looks like the series based on “The Hobbit” will not be getting the same attention from voters this time around. It could be due to the massive success of the films, or that voters simply felt it was someone else’s turn in the chair. Either way, the lineup of films nominated has the usual lack of box office wow factor that will draw viewers to the telecast.

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