What is a business woman? What is the first thought that comes to your mind? It’s possible that you look up to a business woman as a sort of role model. They might even be related to you. Business women are a wonderful accoutrement to the industry. They are natural acrobats since they usually have to balance home life and work life but that’s what makes them the jewel in any company’s crown. They can fast track any company into riches and popularity by being creative, ambitious, and confident. They have twice the passion as business men.

They’re trailblazers and if I had to choose one to be at the head of the pack I would select, Susan McGalla. She’s well known for her work with American Eagle Outfitters. She helped them skyrocket by introducing new products such as a kid’s line. Her strategic know how is what sets her apart. Once her work was done at American Eagle Outfitters she moved onto the football scene. More specifically she works with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her work is so great I wish she could be hired to work with my team, the Green Bay Packers! She really is the business woman to keep an eye on. She was featured in Forbes’ because of her great work with American Eagle Outfitters. They referred to the company as a “cash cow”.

There are many other business women just as great as Susan McGalla if not greater. For example: Hillary Clinton, Mary Kay Ash, and Oprah Winfrey. All these women have independence in common. They have a firm self belief and that is what helps them move forward to the cream of the crop. It seems that I’ve only mentioned ambition as the only prerequisite to become a successful business woman but that’s not it at all. There are so many other factors but the one that has to go hand in hand with ambition would be networking. Like they say, “it’s not what you know but who you know.” and in the business industry that couldn’t be more spot on. I’d have to say that should be the motto for anyone looking to go into the business industry. Networking is a powerful thing and first impressions become a whole lot more than just hoping you don’t spill anything on your white shirt. A lasting friendship built through networking can help not just yours but others companies prosper. It can also help weed out any sort of competition you might have in whatever field you happen to be involved in.

I do hope this insight into the wonder that is a business woman encourages you to re-think your career path and join the gratifying world of business. I dedicate this article to all the future Susan McGalla’s of the world.

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