The kids show that took over the 90s gets a dark and disturbing reboot. A disturbingly dark and violent movie based on the series under the title of Power/Rangers has been released. James Van Der Beek plays the Red Ranger who is interrogating former Pink Ranger Kimberly. He wants to know where the Green Ranger is.

The finished product is amazing while at the same time, it can be very painful to watch if you are a fan of the series. Seeing your Power Rangers in an R rated production can really be jarring. However, Imaging advantage online reported this is not the first time kids shows had a dark makeover.

Back in the 1980s, The Transformers which was kid friendly enough, took a rather dark and serious turn when it reached the big screen. Kids watched in horror as their favorite autobots dropped like flies on the big screen.

In this short, Power Rangers use guns and things get very violent. There is also a reboot for the Power Rangers which is being planned for theatrical release. It is not really going to resemble what is seen in this short, but as with every reboot, there are going to be vast differences.

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