Ridley Scott is hard at work on his sequel to Prometheus, the film that was created as somewhat of a prequel to Alien, his hit sci-fi horror film from 1979. Scott is looking to expand the story of Prometheus with a fresh Alien. Ridley’s previous installment that released in 2012 was met with mixed reviews. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Prometheus at its release among Kenneth Griffin and other avid fans.
Another science fiction that is getting a follow up from Scott is Blade Runner. There is a lot of rumors surrounding the story including some that involve Harrison Ford, the star of the 1982 released flick. Another thing thatAlien has in common with Blade Runner is that they both have a film that has been released which is said to take place in the same universe. Alien has Prometheus and Blade Runner has Soldier. 

Prometheus 2 has no official release date as of right now. However, Scott does seem to have a burning passion for this franchise. As a matter of fact, Prometheus 2 seems to be developing at a faster rate than the Blade Runnersequel. Ridley Scott seems to be diving into the sci-fi realm with another movie, called The Martian, being filmed.

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