QNET has taken the direct sales industry by storm. The 16 year old company has made inroads into communities many other companies thought was impossible. They have also created jobs in depressed communities, made a commitment to marketing only the best products possible, and have a track record for giving generously in the communities in which they do business. This has led communities worldwide to embrace QNET and their products and is directly responsible for the company’s meteoritic rise to prominence throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company is known for selling quality products at a fair price.

The direct sales industry has existed for a long time. Still, no one has ever seen a company quite like QNET. From the start, the company seemed to have a different focus than its competitors. QNET was committed to using the highest quality elements possible in its products and have them produced to the highest standards. Further, QNET seemed just as interested in positively impacting the communities in which it did business as it was in making a profit. People have reacted favorably to QNET’s people before profits philosophy and enjoy the high quality goods and services they offer. They result is QNET is one of the leaders in the direct sales industry.

QNET helps the communities in which it does business in many ways. First, it creates economic opportunity. QNET employs tens of thousands of local people to market its products. As a result, the quality of life for people in the communities in which QNET does business consistently improves. Secondly, QNET offers great products. People that purchase the wide range of products QNET sells through its independent agents rave about how good those products are. Finally, QNET gives back to the community. The company has created non-profit organizations through which it helps the less fortunate.

Direct sales can be an unscrupulous business. One in which companies cut corners to improve their bottom line and their profit margin. QNET has turned that formula on its ear. The company uses the best ingredients possible. It markets only quality products. It creates jobs in depressed communities. QNET also creates organizations and structures with the sole purpose of giving to people and communities in need. While some competitors say that is no way to run a business, QNET has proven that when companies put people before profits everyone involved is a winner.

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