Nick Vertucci is one of the influential and real estate entrepreneurs. He is also the main founder of NV Real Estate Academy in the year 2013. The main aim of the organization is to create solutions to the problems that arise in the real estate investing. He was able to create a scheme that makes people be successful in the real estate investment sector. This scheme has been a success since he himself has been able to make more income and profit in the real estate.


Nick Vertucci is always certain that the past does not dictate the future; he was raised with caring family which gave him everything that he needed. In an early age when he began, he was selling computer parts and his motivation of being his own boss made him work harder and accomplish more. Furthermore, he has three beautiful daughters and married.


Through his entire journey of making it in the real estate investment, he was invited by one of his friends to attend a real estate training seminar whereby he learned a lot. Through these, he was motivated and determined to continue learning and train hence he absorbs a lot of information in the real estate sector. Although it took a long time to have full information about real estate he was determined to be successful. His commitment enabled him to establish a system that enabled him to make more income in real estate in a very simple way.


Nick Vertucci also has always dedicated his life through instigating guidance to those who are real estate investing. Also, he assists people all over the world through educating them on how to construct their own real estate businesses. In addition, he also assists people to know the significance of financial security since it plays a big role live of people.


Nick Vertucci main objective is to always direct and teach another real estate investor the right path so they could pay their arrears, make more money and profits and improve their family economic status. Furthermore, he ensures that the staff members who work at the organization are professional so they can provide better assistance to his clients. In order to help that individual who has passion and wish to enter into the real estate investing but they don’t have enough knowledge where to start is the reason why he began educational programs.

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