This seems to be the issue that will just never die down. Both sides of the Obamacare debate fully believe that they are correct. However, the Republicans in Congress are now suing the President and the Administration over the implementation of the health care reform.

According to the Huffington Post the lawsuit is targeting a couple of specific parts of the law and the implementation of it. For one, Republicans do not believe that it is far that the employer mandate has now been delayed. They believe that this is in violation of how the law was supposed to be constructed. They also are not happy with the subsidies that are being paid to insurance companies to help those whose income is too low to be able to afford health care insurance, Susan McGalla dutifully points out.

It is not yet clear if a lawsuit will work or even if this is the best route to go about things. It seems that both sides are going to try to score some political points off of this development though. The Republicans are likely to point to the idea that they are trying to challenge a law with which they so adamantly disagree with. At the same time the Democrats are going to try to claim that the Republicans are doing nothing more than playing politics with an issue that is centrally important to the American people. Needless to say, both sides are going to continue to push their arguments in order to try to win politically.

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