In an ever-evolving and increasingly competitive landscape, leaders are in tune with one simple truth: change is coming, and the market doesn’t care if you’re ready.


Luckily, there is one set of steps, listed below, that will ensure, not only that you are ready for the coming change, but that your organization will grow from it.


Research is the first step. Before you can redesign, you need to know what, and who, you’re working with. Take inventory of your resources, including human, capital and other resources, and get an honest view of the state of your situation.


Redesign Only when you have an honest grasp on who and what you’re working with can you fix the problems you see. This is your chance to make new, exciting things happen. Remember to do so with wisdom and courage.


Regroup is a word easier said than done. Sometimes, hard decisions had to be made in the two prior steps. This last step is where triage is done. It’s time to be the most human, the most empathetic; the most clear on what your vision truly is.


If you do all these things, you will emerge from your restructuring ready to compete; ready to win.


Why Listen To Glen Wakeman?


Passion: Glen isn’t just here because entrepreneurship is on the rise. He’s here because of a genuine passion for building businesses and leaders.


Experience: Glen has over 21 years of experience as a Financial Services Executive, Board Member, Public Company CEO, Small Business Owner, Investor and Executive Mentor. He can talk to you about the 3 R’s, because he’s done it all.


Results: Formerly employed by GE capital, where he won numerous awards, Glen also founded Nova Four, and is currently in the trenches working on his most recent project: Launchpad Holdings.


Learn the ropes from someone who knows: Learn from Glen Wakeman.

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