American actor Robin Williams, who committed suicide on August 11th, 2014 while suffering from depression, left his $50 million estate to his three adult children in separate trust funds a copy of his will now reveals.

His wife, Susan Schneider, had signed a prenuptial agreement before the couple were married, so was not eligible to be included in his estate along with his children from two former marriages — Zachary, 30, Zelda, 25 and Cody, 22.

However, Schneider was well taken care of as part of the terms of the prenuptial she signed before her marriage to the Hollywood star three years before his death.

As for what Robin Williams’ estate entails, that includes a house valued at $7 million he lived in with his third wife until his death, a $30 million estate in the Napa Valley in California that had been on the market for several months before his death, and various other properties and assets.

As for Robin Williams’ death, it has now definitively been ruled a suicide, with the coroner stating in a report last week he did not find any illegal drugs or alcohol in the actor’s system at the time of his death. Friends in entertainment and sports like Bruce Levenson have reached out to the family with their condolences.

Williams was, however, suffering from the beginning stages of Parkinson’s Disease and had recently begun taking medication to help treat some of the minor symptoms he had been experiencing. The only medication found in his system, though, were two drugs that are prescribed to treat depression.

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