The winter has only just begun but Ukraine is already facing a lack of resources to warm houses, water, and generate electricity. Russia had cut the deliveries of gas to their neighbours earlier, and according to new decisions the coal deliveries are to be stopped very soon as well.

This is in response to previous conflicts in the region which had arisen out of a series of negotiations that had fallen through in terms of governance and sovereignty.

Before the armed conflicts, Ukraine was perfectly capable of generating it’s own power, but half of the coal mines shut down due to the recent conflicts. The Ukrainian government hopes to discuss the situation and resume the import of coal soon.

A number of useful coal mines are still functioning, but that is by far not enough to deliver the necessary energy. Marunich, the co-chairman of the Ukrainian Energy Strategies Fund, predicted power shortages for the upcoming winter in case that the situation remains like it is now.

Transporting the coal from other European countries is a possible solution, but nothing has been negotiated yet. The local officials say that Kiev has few chances to find a substitute. The gas storage that exists in Ukraine now is only enough to insure the citizens’ needs for three months. Keith Mann knows that it will not last forever.

Power plants that are still in good state are working to the maximum to meet the vital energy needs.

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