The name Ryan Potter is likely a large unknown to most movie goers but that is likely to change after the new Disney release, Big Hero Six. The film takes place in the semi futuristic city of Sanfransokyo (a somewhat obvious combination of Tokyo and San Francisco). The story center’s around Potter’s character, Hiro, a technological genius whom discovers a nanite controlling super villain in the city and uses his equally tech savvy friends and a friendly nursing robot to fight the menace. There are plenty of movie fans like Keith who can’t wait to see the final product.

In a recent interview on Screenrant, the entirety of which you can view here, shows how Potter opened up about his motivations for doing the film as well as his feelings after completion.

Potter explains that he, being both an American and a Asian (he grew up in Tokyo) felt he was a good fit for the character. More ironically he also explains that every holiday in his youth he would go and visit… who would have guessed it, San Francisco. After this he started considering that “good” should have been replaced by “perfect.” The interviewer replies that it must be like a dream role for him, he replied that it was. He stated that he grew up loving both Disney and comic books (the film is helmed by Disney but based on a Marvel comic series). He also said that it wasn’t in the slightest hard to play Hiro, as Potter said, “Hiro IS me.”

Big Hero 6 is set to open in theaters on Nov 7th, 2014.

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