Located in London, England, Solo Capital Markets has been making an impact on the financial and investment industry for quite some time. This worldwide boutique financial services company is managaged by the United Kingdom. The company is best known for their work with proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments. With millions of dollars in profit, this company is destined to continue to have major impact on the financial world for years to come.

Founded by Sanjay Shah Solo Capital has been around since 2011. The company offers a variety of services to it’s clients. The Company offers agency brokerage, investment management, securities lending, safeguarding. Their CEO Sanjay has led the company to all new heights. As of the end of March 2015, Solo Capital Partners had a net worth of $15.45 million,assets amounting to $67.45 million and a cash flow of $30.26 million.

CEO as well as the owner, Sanjay Shah is the overall leader of Solo Capital. This well established entrepreneur has over thirty different companies across London and the Cayman Islands. His fortune dates well back to his time before Solo when he earned nearly 20 million dollars running invitation-only stockbroker named Old Park Lane Capital. This great success makes it surprising that he originally was interested in medicine, not finance.

Shah studied medicine for years before deciding that he wanted to pursue other ideas. He became intrigued with accounting and held jobs for a number of banks including Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. With the finanical crisis that hit in 2009, Shah decided it might be best to create his own brokerage company. Solo Capital was born.

Today Shah’s success has allowed him to give back in many ways. Recently he created Autism Rocks, an organization with the goal of raising awareness about autism and raising money for research by throwing concerts. Shah has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise awareness for this disease. He continues to give back in many other ways and his impact if felt by many.


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