The 10th anniversary of the 2004 classic horror film SAW, well, saw a dismal release this past weekend. The film only earned about $650,000 and it was re-released on 2,000 screens nationwide.

This makes the release of the film a historic failure if you only look at the numbers earned in comparison to other first run releases. To call it a total failure is somewhat unfair. After all, it is a re-release of a film people have already seen. The novelty of seeing in the theater was appealing to Marnie and I, but we too decided to skip out on the re-release.

During its original release, SAW earned roughly $50 million at the domestic U.S. box office. The seven films that the entire franchise along with DVD sales and videogame tie-in made hundreds of millions of dollars.

Those who thought the final chapter in the Saw series really was the final chapter are probably a slim minority. Plans are in the works for a new film in the series. The “last” film was really designed to give the franchise a breather and set up a new series.

Opening a re-release on 2,000 screens is extremely odd. Even in the days before home entertainment, theatrical re-releases were usually opened on a small number of theaters. Re-releasing SAW on 300 screens might have been a better idea.

No, a new one is coming sooner or later. No horror franchise ever ends.

One Thought on “SAW Re-Release is a Failure

  1. Chaya Joey on April 27, 2017 at 12:10 am said:

    The re-release may have been a rest run for interest in a new series. Will the failure of the re-release cancel plans for a new Saw film. It is not surprising that could also get their view on what is described which is very important too.

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