PETA and other animal rights groups have been very vocal about the treatment of whales and dolphins at SeaWorld. The documentary “Blackfish” didn’t help relieve any of the negative press about the sea park. In fact, it was a wake-up call, and people around the country are beginning to hear the message. The message is plain and simple. Intelligent forms of sea life should not be held captive in sea parks for any reason.

Boraie tells us that the reason is simple. We call that behavior torture when humans are locked in small quarters for an extended period. Whales and dolphins roam the oceans in family units. They swim as naturally as we travel by car from state to state. Their quality of life is diminished in captivity. They are separated from family members, and they lose their ability to hunt for food. They are deprived the thrill of being free.

SeaWorld puts these animals through this torture to make money. But the CEO of the park says the theme park has gotten a bad rap lately. A lot of the information reported by animal groups is false according to interim CEO David D’Alessandro. But most people know D’Alessandro is trying to protect his company’s bottom line not the welfare of the whales and dolphins.

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