With the dust of destruction from Boko Haram’s continued insurgence across West Africa hanging thick in the air, and amidst several other economic crisis, war-torn Nigeria might soon see hope on the horizon. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that Muhammadu Buarhi is victor of the 2015 Nigerian elections. He led his campaign vowing to snuff out Boko Haram, bringing peace to the nation, as well as restoration to currency, and stability in the expanding economy. In a phone call on the evening of March 31, after a close race, President Goodluck Jonathan conceded to Muhammadu Buarhi. Later that evening, the content of the phone call was leaked on Twitter. The security breach which led to that leak is under investigation but supporters of Muhammadu Buarhi are in celebration as this has become the first election in which a current president has been voted out of office. Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency is said to have been wrought with corruption and the people of Nigeria are ready for change.

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