There are many companies that have tried to match Securus Technologies in regards to producing the best inmate communication technology. However, no other company has ever come close to competing with Securus Technologies.


Just on the basis of customer service alone, Securus Technologies has all other companies beat. This is due to Securus having customer service representatives from every language being part of their team. Not only do these individuals speak another language, but they have excellent skills in being nice to people and being patient.


Every year, Securus Technologies invests millions of dollars into purchasing the best equipment and the best employees. The money Securus uses is all their own. They do not take advantage of government grants or the like because they want to show the community that they are a company strictly for the people. Securus is ever making improvements to their award-winning technology, and their employees must go through several seminars every year. These seminars keep them up to date with Securus Technologies and help them improve their customer service skills.


Securus Technologies has also invested a lot of money into their website. They even have a website that is totally dedicated to reviews. This website is accessible through the Securus main website. The reviews posted on the website are from inmates, their friends and family members, and prison personnel.


Inmates thank Securus Technologies for caring about them and allowing them to keep up to the outside community in regards to technology. Parents especially thank Securus for being able to see their children face to face right from prison. Friends and family members of inmates and prison personnel thank Securus Technologies for their user-friendly technology. People are able to video-chat and put money in a loved one’s commissary account with no hassle, and prison personnel can keep track of this with no hassle.


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