There are many different kinds of people in the world with many different talents, and one special kind of people are those who can take on the lives of others as if they were their own. Sergio Cortes is an impersonator, and he has admired Michael Jackson since he was young. He decided that he would like to take on the life of the man and do things in the best way that he could, so he worked hard to make that happen. He created a look that was similar to what Michael Jackson had always worn, and he practiced all of the dance moves that he man had made until he got everything down right.
Now when people see Sergio Cortes they are hugely impressed. They can’t believe that someone could be that much like Michael Jackson. They have named him the best impersonator of Michael Jackson because of the talent that he shows. Sergio Cortes knew how to do things right in every way for his impersonation, and he can feel great about himself for all that he has done. He has taken on the life of the singer well, and he has made himself proud through the way that he has impressed others with his talents.

Not everyone could do something as complicated as taking on the life of another and making it their own, but only those who hold a special talent can do that and succeed at it. Sergio Cortes is a very talented man, and he can feel great about the way that he worked so hard to make things right when impersonating Michael Jackson. He used his talents in the best way possible, and many people are impressed with him because of that.
There are only so many people who can be good impersonators, and there are even less people who can be great impersonators. Sergio Cortes was smart to work so hard to get things done right, and he will be sure to keep impressing everyone with his talents as he goes about impersonating Michael Jackson and all of the things the man did.

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