Most Michael Jackson fans never would’ve thought that Michael would have passed in the year 2009. Michael was always known to be a healthy person, and he danced and performed all the way up into his 50s. Michael had even planned a tour around the world before he died, and unfortunately, he would never see that tour come to pass. Michael died unexpectedly, and many fans were thrown into a very deep depression over his death. Many Michael Jackson impersonators around the world were asked about their feelings on the King of Pop’s death, and many responded with tears, sorrowful remarks, and some couldn’t muster the strength to respond at all.

Sergio Cortes has been a Michael Jackson impersonator for years, but it’s never meant as much to him as it does now. Everyone knows that impersonators are supposed to act as if they are the star that they are imitating, but when Michael Jackson died, many people looked to his impersonators for some comfort. Although Sergio wasn’t looking to be Michael Jackson himself, those who were heartbroken about Michael’s passing chose to seek out Sergio as a way to get over Michael Jackson’s death.

Sergio didn’t want the position of being the savior of those who were grieving over Michael Jackson, but he didn’t have a choice because many looked to him for a way to bring a smile to their faces after Michael’s passing. Sergio has put on many concerts over the years, and Sergio has even remade songs, dance moves, and stage shows that Michael Jackson created. When Sergio hits the stage, it’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen unless the person has been to a genuine Michael Jackson concert. Many young people may not have seen Michael Jackson in concert when he was with the Jackson Five or when he got older, so watching Sergio Cortes perform is a real treat.

Sergio doesn’t just dance, dress, and behave like Michael Jackson, he looks and even sings like Michael Jackson too. No other Michael Jackson impersonator has been able to completely embody Michael’s spirit as Sergio Cortes has, which is the reason why he’s the most famous Michael Jackson impersonator. Sergio has been on many television shows performing, and Sergio even informs the media about his past and upcoming stage shows. Sergio has been a real blessing to those who miss Michael Jackson.

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