The prominence of Shafik Sachedina is behind his role not only as the founder but also the owner of the Sussex Health Care. Before getting to serve in the company, he gave service at different capacities in other organizations within his career. It is from such services that he acquired the vast experience he owns.

The appropriate description to the Sussex Health Care is a Sussex-based team of care homes which is private. The organization’s primary objective is in line with facilitating an adequate care to the mentally sick persons as well as the aged.

Some individuals or groups have the challenges in line with learning or even physically. As a remedy, the firm enhances the provision of specialized care services for those affected about such. The groups of individuals who are beneficiaries of their services consist of those with neurological disabilities.

It is the firm’s dedication to enhancing the provision of high care standard together with giving an adequate amount to the persons in need. Concerning business, it aspires to emerge as an excellent service provider of care, both the nursing and the residential, in line with Sussex. The company is capable of consistently staying within its goals and set objectives. It is because its endeavors are executed under the guidance of professionals who are adequately qualified and have a vast experience.

As well, Dr. Sachedina undertakes the task of interfacing concerning the initiatives in place about Aga Khan Development. The service extends to certain Central Asia’s institutions of Ismaili societies.

His early life started in Dar-es-salaam City situated in Tanzania where he was born. From then onwards, he remained dedicated to his duties. It is for this reason that he managed to qualify as a dental surgeon in 1975. It is worth acknowledging Guy’s Medical and Dental School for the achievement. The faculty gives service in line with the University of London. It is after then that he has continually gained expertise in the field following his service in England.

His decision to volunteer in the sector is what has led to his attainment of a substantial interest in the career. He aspires to put in place a strategy that classifies service to the community a norm.

At the moment, he holds many positions in different institutions. The reason is that he has a good history entailing success in the duties that he has accomplished successfully.

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