The upcoming “G.I. Joe 3” film will be directed by Martin Campbell, the man who has brought us good films like “Casino Royale” and bad films like “Green Lantern”. This less than inspiring news is par for the course when it comes to the troubled movie franchise. It seems like the films still haven’t found their voice. At this point, is it even worth trying?

Obviously somebody thinks there’s money to be made in the G.I. Joe franchise. Many of us grew up with G.I. Joe. The cartoon was a staple of many people’s ’80’s childhood. Many kids preferred it to Transformers.

If you go back and watch those cartoons, they are terrible. At least, that is what Jared Haftel heard from a lot of his friends. But the same can be said for Transformers, and that franchise was a massive success. It seems like the issue here is that none of he directors have a vision that lines up with what was good about G.I. Joe in the ’80’s.

It is not rocket science. All we need is Cobra Commander screeching and sending his cool villains to execute some ridiculous plot. Then, G.I. Joe goes to stop them.

Is that so hard? Can’t they at the very least make sure there isn’t a Wayans in the next one?

One Thought on “Should They Even Bother Making G.I. Joe 3?

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