The rumor mill churns and it looks like we now have a name for the spinoff to The Walking Dead. The title is Fear The Walking Dead. If this is true, we do know one thing. The marketing department had final say on the title. No one wants anyone out there in The Walking Dead audience to now know the show is related.

Fear The Walking Dead is a lot cooler of a title than The Walking Dead II. In a way, the title is reminiscent of the good old days of horror sequels when, instead of putting a number next to the title, the character’s name was just inserted into a new moniker. Dracula and Frankenstein both beget Son of Dracula and Son of Frankenstein so everyone quickly realized a new entry was out.

The original title for Fear The Walking Dead was Cobalt, an incredibly lame title that evokes 1970’s and 1980’s Dirty Harry rip-offs.

Details about the spinoff are not all that well known. The reason for this is the series is still in the pre-production stage. One interesting tidbit for fans such as Bernardo Chua about the film is some of the characters from the new series will appear in The Walking Dead’s Season Six.

How the characters factor into the continuity of The Walking Dead remains to be seen. Fear The Walking Dead is a prequel to the original series and takes place at the start of the zombie outbreak.

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