The technological development leads to a more complicated step for its developers: making the smart devices communicate with each other. Good progress is already out there, and now it has reached an unexpected item in your house- your mattress. Yes, NJSpotlight reports the mattress you sleep on became a device as well. Nowadays it can detect whether you are asleep or getting up. Depending on that, it will send signals throughout your house to the other devices connected to your morning routine. The coffee machine will be started, the lights will be switched on. For the couples who have the dilemma of sleeping in colder or warmer environment, the mattress will be a finding.

It can be regulated to warm more on one side while staying colder on the other. Once noticing that those who are laying in bed are falling asleep, the mattress can send signals to switch off the light, lock doors, disconnect any other working smart devices inside ones home.

The smart mattress will be sold for about $250. It is washable and stores the daily information just like the smart apps that you use to control your fitness level.

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