On Thursday night, President Barack Obama laid out his own plans to enact immigration reform in a speech from Las Vegas. Two nights later on Saturday Night Live, the cast performed it’s cold open with a shot at Obama’s decision to go it alone.


The cold open featured Kenan Thompson dressed up as the bill from the famous Schoolhouse Rock segment about how a bill becomes a law. After a few moments of Thompson explaining it, Jay Pharoah shows up as Obama and pushes him down the steps of the Capitol. From there, Bobby Moynihan shows up as an “Executive Order” citing that he is just something that “happens” a spoof on the original bit. At first, he doesn’t have a problem with who he is, until he “reads” himself and becomes mortified.


It’s clear from the tenor of the sketch that the show is certainly not defending the actions of the president. That is what Ray Lane thought was the case anyway. As part of Obama’s plan, up to 5 million undocumented immigrants would receive deferred deportation, something that many who are in opposition to the plan believe will lead them to eventually become citizens. Congress is yet to react in an official capacity to the Executive Order, but may do something in January when the Republican-majority Senate is sworn in.

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