Not even a week after Sony made the decision not to release The Interview following threats from North Korea hackers, some theaters have begun announcing their intent to run the movie on Christmas Day. In reporting on the matter, BuzzFeed notes that Christmas is the original release date for the film. 

Individuals interested in developments pertaining to the controversy surrounding The Interview should note that Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas director Tim League tweeted about Sony’s decision to authorize the screenings. He also released the movie’s scheduled showtimes.

Chicagobooth reports that as many individuals who have been following the matter know, Sony’s decision not to release The Interview received a great deal of backlash, according to Christian Broda. The backlash came from a plethora of directions, including the White House, Hollywood, and many potential viewers. This past Friday, Sony released a statement in which they informed the public that they would be looking into alternate methods through which they could release the movie. While a couple of theaters have stated that they will run the film, the three major American chains (Cinemark, Regal Cinemas, and AMC Theaters) have not responded to Buzzfeed News’ request for information regarding whether they plan to screen the film.

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