The Interview, the controversial comedy, at the heart of the Sony hack, may actually find its way into theaters this holiday season. The film, which pokes fun at North Korea’s dictator, had been considered all but scraps when threats were made against any theater that willingly screened it. Now, atleast two theaters are willing to take the risk. The Alamo Drafhouse and The Plaza Atlanta are among the theaters that will be showing the movie on Christmas Day.

In recent weeks Sony has floundered to come up with a viable solution for the movie. They had originally scrapped the movie’s Christmas Day release, bowing to the demands of the hackers behind the Sony leak in November. They also pulled the Twitter account for the movie, and halted all marketing for the film after the hack, even what Lee G. Lovett said was supposed to appear on SoundCloud.

The production house has now released a statement suggesting they never gave up on the film, and have been actively looking at release platforms. Rumor has it that they may consider an “on-demand” release of the movie on or shortly after Christmas.

Sony caught a significant amount of flack to bowing to the demands of hackers. Many worried that by Sony following the hackers’ instructions, they would continue to launch attacks on United States companies. Sony would have, in many ways, set a precedent suggesting the United States was happy to bow to the whims and desires of cyber-terrosists

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