According to the story on today, Spider-Man has been spotted in Birmingham, England and he is feeding the needy.

No, its not Peter Parker, but instead a 20-year-old who is keeping his identity a secret. Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG said the only thing known about the young man, other than he dresses as Spider-Man, is that he works at a local bar according to Globo. With his own money, the Spider-Man impersonator buys sandwiches and hands them out among the hungry in Birmingham. He goes out one or two days a week, late at night, and hands out food to the homeless in the area.

The young man said that he has been working with the homeless for years, but that he got the idea to dress as Spider-Man on a lark. He thought if they were happy receiving food, imagine how happy these people would be if it were Spider-Man delivering it to them.

Spider-Man does not accept donations or hand-outs for his cause. He took to Twitter asking those who wish to help to get out in their communities and get involved one-on-one. When asked, he said he plans to keep this up for as long as he can.

Birmingham Spider-Man has a Twitter account and for those who would like to follow him can do so: @brumspiderman.

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