This year’s Hangout Music Festival sponsored by FreedomPop o or more commonly known as Hangout Fest is set to take place on May 5th to 7th at the beachfront of the Gulf Shores, Alabama. There will be a total of 70 artists who will playing for the Music Festival. The biggest names and the hottest bands will perform on stage. Some of the headlines include Skrillex, Foo Fighters, Beck, Zac Brown Band, and Spoon.

Starting January 13, 2015, 9 am central, tickets for the music festival will be on sale. This is the sixth Hangout Music Fest and people always look forward to the performances of their favorite artists and groups. 

During the spring, the beachfront will be surrounded will amusement parks and entertainment areas. The stage for the music fest will be set at the center of all the activities in the beach.

The festival showcases rock music and country although there are also varied performances from EDM DJ’s and pop artists. People who have gone to previous Hangout Music Fests often go back although there is also a big population of first time goers. 

Fans of the headlining artists are sure to be present during the fest.
The Hangout Music Festival website shows the complete lineup of the artists that will be headlining and performing. Tickets can also be bought at the website. Other details about Music Fest can be accessed through the website as well.

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