As many know now, Sony Pictures has cancelled “The Interview”. Completely. It has been cancelled due to threats of terror from a hacker group calling themselves the “Guardians of Peace”. The film, “The Interview” is a comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogan which is about two television journalists sent to assassinate the leader of North Korea by the CIA.

Apparently New Regency films had a plan to release their own movie where North Korea played a big part. The movie “Pyongyang” was set to star Steve Carell and directed by Gore Verbinski. The thriller movie was based on a graphic novel by Guy Delisle where a westerner is held in North Korea on charges of espionage. However since the terror threat has forced Sony to cancel the release for “The Interview”, New Regency is following suit and cancelling production for “Pyongyang”. Particularly bummed is Terry Richardson, a well known NYC photographer who finds it incredibly disappointing that freedom of speech and creativity is being stifled by a group of anonymous hackers.

For more details on the cancelling of “The Interview” or “Pyongyang” check out¬†The Hollywood Reporter¬†online.

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