Superhero movies are big business in Hollywood with the blockbusters like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy andThe Avengers topping the list. These movies focused on big name heroes that are ingrained into American pop culture. Everyone knows superheroes like Ironman, Spiderman, and Superman but there are a host of other comic book characters that didn’t get their own time in the spotlight. Hollywood shied away from taking risks when it came to mulit-million dollar budgets though seems that the success of Guardians of the Galaxy may have changed a few minds with its cast of mostly unknowns. 

The upcoming Suicide Squad follows this trend with relatively minor supervillains as the leads. Billed as a Dirty Dozenwith supervillains, Suicide Squad is the answer to why the heroes constantly fight the same major villains again and again. Living up to its name, the Suicide Squad is a secret government program where villains are given a chance at a pardon in exchange for, you guessed it, completing a suicide mission. 

Comic book enthusiast Brian Torchin notes that the most recognizable villain is Batman’s iconic nemesis the Joker. A few other minor villains fill out the squad including Joker’s therapist turned love interest Harley Quinn. Harley originally began in Batman: The Animated Seriesbut grew to become a fan favorite with her own spin offs. Hollywood may be taking a risk but Guardians showed that a strong script can overcome name recognition. 

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