Compliance and corporate governance have become incredibly important business issues in the face of the many corporation corruption scandals in the past few years. This is largely a good thing, but Bruno, a lawyer and partner with Fagali Advocacia says there are some negatives. He says many times companies grudgingly go along with these things just because they are obligated to do so. In other words, they are doing these things for no other reason than to get certification. Bruno says these companies are unfortunately missing the point in not having any real desire to positively change the business world via these means. View Bruno Fagali’s profile on Linkedin.

Summary of “Bruno Fagali reports research that reveals that Brazilian companies are more concerned about adopting anti-corruption mechanisms in 2017”

Researchers have noted that because of the many financial scandals in Brazilian companies in the past few years, the countries companies in 2017 began placing heavy priority on risk monitoring. The researches in the Deloitte audit study of 100 companies, distributed an electronic questionnaire to these companies from May to June of 2017. The results of the questionnaire revealed that adoption of anti-corruption measures had grown among the companies by 73% and by monitoring of political donations by 69% from previous years.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the most respected lawyers in Brazil. He began working in the Brazilian legal world in 2006. For several years he worked for several different firms before founding Fagali Law Firm. He continues this independent practice. He works in a number of different legal areas, specializing in Administrative and Parliamentary Law. In addition to leading his own firm, he currently serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB. Above all, his greatest passion is instigating positive change for the people of Brazil. Read more:


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